Xdapp - An EOS Blockchain Casino


  • Gambling Dapp: Xdapp
  • Blockchain: EOS
  • Accepted Tokens: EOS
  • Wallet Login: Scatter
  • Available Games:
    • Bull Fights
    • Dice
    • Texas Poker
    • Red&Black
    • Black Jack
    • Big Battle
    • Three Card (Coming soon)

Xdapp is a simplified version of some of the existing online casinos in a way that makes players feel comfortable. This is a blockchain-based technology system that allows players to utilize a decentralized casino with their wallet already attached. This means that we can say goodbye to the online casino banking such as deposits and withdrawals as we know it. The online casino world has come a long way, being online since the 90’s we sure would hope that this is where we are today, and finally we are here. This casino and others like it rank highly among players because it offers the ability to deposit, play and withdrawal instantly, as opposed to waiting for verification, and approval then processing time of withdrawals. Since this website was primarily written in Chinese, you’ll need to translate it to English and sometimes there may be discrepancies in the text, but you’ll get the point as you go along.

Getting Started

To play at XDapp casino, you’ll need a Scatter account and to hold some EOS. When heading to the casino, clicking the log in button will direct you to Scatter which will securely log you into your account. The neat thing about these blockchain casinos is that you will have several different ways to log in, but you won’t need to register for a new account at each one. It’s kind of like how you can use your Google account to use an app on your phone without submitting your personal information or needing to remember an additional username and password.


Players who choose an online casino are almost always interested in what banking options are available, and how they will turn their money into casino chips. Here, the casino in a way skips the banking almost entirely and instead of using a credit card, you’ll make deposits using EOS. In order to play the games, you will need to have an EOS main network account using either their web or mobile wallet. Once you’ve chosen a game, you can make a deposit into your online casino wallet. This is done over a period of 2 minutes and by just a few mouse clicks.


One thing you’ll notice about blockchain casinos is that their gaming library is much more limited than what you would find in other online casinos. I feel like this is a quality over quantity type of deal where you get top notch quality in the games and how the software works with easy banking instead of a ton of games pulled together to make a casino that doesn’t really benefit anyone other than to provide entertainment here or there. At XDapp casino, you’ll have live games to choose from which include; Bull Fights, Dice, Texas Poker, Red&Black, Blackjack, Big Batter & Three Card. The games are truly unique here, and you’ll need to sift through them to find which speaks to your gaming style.

Customer Support

If you need help, there is a community of members waiting to help. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the telegram logo. From there, you will be invited to use the telegram desktop or mobile app to ask your questions and talk among the other players who are also utilizing this fun online casino.

Visit Casino: https://www.xdapp.me/