Wink Sportsbook Review - An Online Sportsbook With Instant Payouts

WINk Sportsbook Review - An Online Sportsbook With Instant Payouts

  • Gambling Dapp: WINk Sportsbook
  • Blockchain: Tron
  • Accepted Tokens: TRX
  • Wallet Login: TronLink
  • Available Games:
    • Table Games
    • Live Dealer Games
    • Online Slots
    • Dice Games
    • Full Poker Room
    • Full Sportsbook

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Wink Casino is all new, but not only that - they’re keeping things fresh with rolling out new games and categories often. Players who have found this casino are putting out rave reviews because the casino is much different from what you would typically find when playing online. The one thing that sets this casino apart from others is that it runs off of blockchain technology. It utilizes Tron for banking, which makes things all the more secure, not to mention instant. The newest option at the casino is Sports Betting! Below you’ll find some more information about the casino, what is available and how to get started.

Getting Started

While some might find banking to be rather boring, with this casino it is very exciting because you aren’t using a credit card, or supplying your personal information. Instead, you’ll use TronLink, Scatter or Guildwallet to log in. What this means is that you will be able to sign up for one of those accounts, and then log in by simply inputting your password. The even better news is that you can utilize those log in types across other Blockchain casinos too.

To sign up for Wink Casino, you’ll simply create an account with one of the mentioned wallets (TronLink, GuildWallet or Scatter) using those options, you will never need to send any of your personal identifying information to the casino directly. You’ll always use those wallets as a privacy shield which already is very different from the typical everyday online casinos. This login form is ideal because it totally bypasses the registration process which is great for those who play at multiple online casinos. Once you’ve successfully logged into the account, you may want to take a look around the casino, or you can simply recharge your balance to get started.


To transfer funds from your TronLink wallet, you’ll simply click the recharge button on the left of the screen. Then, enter the amount of money you’d like to transfer and watch as the funds immediately leave TronLink and are then made available to be played with. It’s that simple! When it comes to withdrawals, players have the ability to see their winnings come through instantly. This is amazing for those who have played at online casinos before, you know that waiting on winnings can be agonizing, not just because of the time that it takes for the winnings to come through, but for the possibility that the funds may not be approved due to bonus terms. Here, you don’t have that issue whatsoever since the funds are always in your possession. Be sure to keep in mind that in order to make a bet on Sports, you will need at least 100 TRX to get started. This is the minimum bet amount.

Sports Betting

One of the most exhilarating things a person can do is to make bets on sporting events and at Wink Casino, you have many different types of sporting events to bet on. Wink currently has the capability of allowing players to make bets on an extensive list of sporting events which include; Soccer, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Baseball, American Football, Table Tennis, Boxing, Rugby, Formula 1, Counter-Strike, Badminton, MMA, Snooker, Aussie Rules, Golf, Cycling, Specials, Cricket, Darts, Athletics, Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Ski Jumping, Pesapallo, Sailing, League of Legends, StarCraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Nascar & Bikes.

If you’ve made bets on sporting events before, you’ll know that most of the casinos seem the same, but this one is much different. When you log into the website, you can actually watch the events live without having to make a bet until you’re comfortable. In addition to being able to watch the games, you can see the score and the lineup of events that will be coming on soon. If you frequently make bets, you’ll be able to save different sports and teams to your favorites tab. This will give you quick access each time you visit the casino.

Since Wink Casino is all about simplicity and keeping things fun, players will be able to keep track of their bets using a Betslip which is stationed at the bottom of the screen. This is a great way to stay on top of the current bets and also, toggle whether or not quickbets are turned on or off. Quickbets are a personal preference that seemingly the seasoned players like to use, but this is a method of game play that is not for everyone, so don’t feel obligated to use it!

Sports betting at Wink Casino is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and because of that, there is a contact option available for support. For those who have a question or two about the casino, players will have the ability to reach out to the casino by way of telegram chat. This is where you will find a community full of other players, and casino staff members to help guide you through your online casino experience with Wink.


Players who have found this casino and played here, have found this to be a positive experience because the casino operates in a way that makes sense. Why wait for winnings? Why make bets on sporting events only to go and try and find a place to watch it, instead of from where you’re making bets? All of these questions and more are issues at some of the other casino options, which are all solved here at Wink.

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