WINk Poker Review - WINk Poker has the potential to disrupt the online Poker industry

WINk Poker Review - WINk Poker has the potential to disrupt the online Poker industry

  • Gambling Dapp: WINk Casino
  • Blockchain: Tron
  • Accepted Tokens: TRX
  • Wallet Login: TronLink
  • Available Games:
    • Table Games
    • Live Dealer Games
    • Online Slots
    • Dice Games
    • Full Poker Room
    • Full Sportsbook

Visit WINk Casino is an online casino that offers customers to utilize fun games online from their computer, smartphone, or tablet. The games are much different from what you would find on platforms such as Facebook with the biggest difference being that the games are played for real money just like in land-based casinos. Wink casino currently offers a full fledged gaming experience featuring titles such as slots, table games, specialty games, and Keno.

WINk Poker will have a low rake of 5% of each pot (minimum 1 TRX)


WINk Casino is much different from the other options that are available, and players will have the opportunity to see what smart contracts are all about when playing poker among other really interesting perks. When it comes to utilizing the standard casino and the additional options that are available, players will find that banking here is very different. With other real money online casinos, players will usually make a deposit using their credit card or Bitcoin wallet. Here, the casino is directly linked to the TRON wallet so there is no need for deposits or withdrawals to take place.

Since this is new, I feel the need to explain how WINk casino processes the funds that are played with at the casino. Instead of inputting your personal financial information, or transferring money from a Bitcoin wallet, your funds will already be at the casino. An allotted amount of TRX is frozen for game play when you choose your buy in amount, this happens when you choose a Poker table, and when you leave, your wallet is updated to reflect either your winnings or your losses. This is fantastic for players who want to play games without spending their everyday money, they can simply allocate money to their TRON wallet for gameplay.


Although Poker is the newest addition to WINk, they pull out all the stops with a high end gaming experience. Some of the players may feel like Poker is a social game, those who choose online casinos for their gaming preference will find that poker at this casino has many perks. For starters, you’ll be able to play more than one game at a time. You may choose between one and four different games which will happen simultaneously. You can choose to split your screen and watch all of the games at once, or toggle back and forth between each of the games.

During game play, there are a few different ways to win a jackpot. The jackpot system is available to those who qualify first and foremost for a winning combination with 5 cards which consists of 2 cards from the player and 3 cards from the community. Winnings with WINk poker includes; a 20% jackpot on a Royal Flush, 2% on a Straight Flush and 0.4% on 4 of a kind hands.


This casino is rock solid as far as security goes, first you have the banking structure and the fact that the casino has found a way to completely cancel out the traditional way that banking is done here. Players won’t need to submit any private information which brings comfort to those who are playing online, whether they are seasoned players or are brand new to the casino industry.

Using a random number generator, this casino puts the player’s minds at ease when it comes to the actual game play. Like most online casinos, WINk uses a Fisher-Yates shuffling process which allows the casino to always produce a number at random without any way of manipulating the numbers. This helps to keep gaming fair and true whether the player is utilizing poker games, table games or the traditional slot games.


Have you ever wondered what it was like to own an online casino? How they work? Well, WINk actually gives the players some of the control back and allows them to not only control the funds that are frozen to be played with, but they also give a portion of the casino’s earnings back. In this case, the more you play - the more you’ll earn in the form of Tokens. Tokens are given to the players as they make their bets, you can view your live token balance on the website with up to date information refreshing every 2 minutes.


While the Poker side of gaming is still new, we suspect great things from a platform like this. There are many reasons to support this theory as security and privacy is in mind at this casino brand. In addition to being able to log in with TRONLink, there are also choices of GuildWallet & Scatter which are the official wallets.

One of the biggest reasons to play with this casino is that it is the first of its kind in the way that it operates on the blockchain, meaning that all are welcomed to play at the legal gambling age for their region (although in some areas, the website may not be accessible due to geo-fencing.) Being the front-runner means you have the latest technology from the financial side, as well as the gaming side, making the online casino experience even better than it ever was before.

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