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A Classic Online Casino: This is another of my favorite online casinos, for several different reasons, I’ll tell you why in the review below, but in short;

  • Top Gaming -Easy Bonuses
  • Fast Payout

Vegas Casino Online

I played at Vegas Casino Online and found it to be a fun casino overall. One of the best things about this casino was it’s ease of use. Signing up was a breeze and so was redeeming a bonus code. This casino is a favorite among players who are 18 and older, from the USA and other countries. Since I fit the 18 and older, from the USA category, I wanted to see just how this online casino stacked up against the real online casinos. Here, players have the opportunity to play real casino games online, from the comfort of their own home. Here is what my experience with Vegas Casino Online was like;

Getting Started

This was a really easy casino to get started with. Players here have the opportunity to quickly register for an account and from there, move onto the game play. At this casino, the sign up process is really easy. It’s just a simple form that asks for contact information such as a name, email address and phone number. After that, I chose a username and password to be able to log into the casino again. I want to touch more on this a little bit, it’s important that when you sign up, you’re using the name from your driver’s license – when you go to cashout your winnings, the casino may ask for a copy of that and if they cannot verify who you are, the winnings are subject to forfeiture.

Promotions & Bonuses

I was not familiar with this casino so I decided to use a no deposit bonus code. The code that I used from an external website did not work, so I decided to use the live chat support. They helped me quickly and I was on my way. The representative deposited the promotion for me. Otherwise, you will head to the cashier and then from there click on the “coupons” tab. This is where you’ll enter the code. The funds are typically deposited instantly, ready to be played with. There are several types of bonus codes that are available at this casino, I would suggest reading through all of the requirements before redeeming a bonus, these are the requirements that the casino will look for before sending your payout if you used a bonus code.

Game Play

I chose to use the instant play version of the software because I like when the games load quickly. The games populated within my browser window in a minimized size. There was the option to make the games full screen however, I chose to keep the games minimized. I like to play specific games when I visit the casinos, the first thing that I look for is the free games option. I also like to play 5 reel slots, but that’s just my preference. During this trip to the casino, I also played some table games and scratchers too! Here are some of the games that I played;

  • Gemtopia – This is a beautiful game, I felt like the music was relaxing as well. One of the things that I liked most about this game was the jewels on the reels, there weren’t bulky outlines for each square, which made it more visually appealing. I did strike a few bonus rounds with this game which was really great.

  • Food Fight – This is an older style slot game, when you strike a certain combination of symbols, the food fight round is triggered. I was able to land this round a few different times. I thought the game was fun, but the food fight round wasn’t all that entertaining to me because it wasn’t very interactive.

  • Fuchi- This is my favorite casino game. I’m not sure why or what it is, but I play this game at all of the casinos. I didn’t end up winning big during this particular gaming session, but I have won nearly $800 at another casino when playing this game.

What I Liked About This Casino

Although this casino didn’t have Bitcoin listed as a deposit option, it does accept it for deposits and withdrawals alike, and that’s something that I thought was really great. The casino was also really easy to get started with. I needed to validate my email address in order to use the site completely, so keep that in mind when you sign up for your account!

What I Disliked About This Casino

I thought the casino looked a bit dated and it wasn’t until I went to deposit that I found out that Bitcoin was an option that was available to me for depositing and withdrawing my funds. I can tell that this casino doesn’t update their website all that often. Other than that, I liked the casino a whole lot.


This is a really great casino to play at, they offer Real Time Gaming as a software option and Bitcoin for transactions. In my opinion, those are some of the best things when it comes to online casinos for American players.

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