Gambling in Wyoming

Lottery: N/A
Parimutuel: 18
Casinos: 18
Bingo & Charity: 18

Wyoming has the least amount of residents out of any other state in America with just 563,626 people in total. The state is ranked 10th in the United States as far as area because it spans over 97,814 square miles. The state offers almost all kinds of gambling because it has proven to be a rich source of revenue for the state. The state even allows betting on chariot or chuck wagon race betting.

Wyoming Gambling

The state of Wyoming does not allow any games of chance here it is illegal for anyone to own or operate any building that offers this kind of gaming aside from Native American tribes. Within the state players can find two casinos that operate and allow any kind of gaming available like slots & table games. Players must be 18 and over to participate in gambling within the state at a casino. Parimutuel horse betting is allowed within the state as well as parimutuel betting on greyhound racing. Within the state, there are several different tracks to choose from for players who are 18 and over. One law that most states do not have is that it is actually illegal to be a professional gambler. The state of Wyoming also does not have a state lottery along with just 14 other states throughout the United States. Most states allow a lottery because it is a rich source of revenue for the state. Other states that do not feature a lottery are Hawaii and Utah because they do not allow any kind of gambling. Another law within the state of Wyoming is that residents are not allowed to have any kind of gambling devices within their home unless they are deemed antiques by the state.