St. Croix Casino Danbury

St. Croix Casino Danbury
Address: 30222 Wisconsin 35, Danbury, WI 54830
Phone:(715) 656-3444

The St. Croix Casino welcomes players to a wide variety of gaming choices. Players can choose from slots, table games, jackpots, tic tac craps and so many others. Blackjack is the most popular table game in this casino with betting from $5 to $500. The table games close at 2am Monday through Wednesday and re-open at 2am daily. Roulette is available along with Vegas-Style Craps. Slots range from pennies up to $5. Players who are looking for a specific game can look it up online before heading to the casino to ensure it’s available to players.

The hotel here is attached to the casino and boasts 47 rooms. Standard rooms, standard suites, high roller suites and executive suites are all available to players. The executive suites are offered to players with second-story lofts with access to a deluxe indoor pool, sauna, fitness center and Jacuzzi for all players. The hotel rates vary from season to season but do offer players weekly rates as well. The casino does not offer any pet friendly accommodations, but there are others in the area who do welcome pets. The casino has recently undergone a major facelift including a new name, it was formerly known as “the hole in the wall casino.”

There are several different dining choices available to players including South Winds Buffet. Dinner is served from 4pm to 10pm daily and brunch is served on the weekends from 10am to 2pm. Pricing changes throughout the week with specials like the gambler’s buffet for just $7.77 on Friday nights. Players will have the ability to indulge in all you can eat crab legs, deep fried shrimp and many other dishes. The North Winds Buffet offers service from 6am to 2am Sunday through Thursday with 24 hour service on Friday and Saturday. The West Winds Lounge offers a relaxing environment for cocktails, domestic or imported beer with complimentary entertainment on the weekends. Specials are featured at the casino at any given time, most of the days throughout the week will offer players some kind of special in one of the restaurants.

The Player’s Club here is free which offers players cash redemption. Players will earn $5 in cash for every 200 bonus points a player earns. Players can redeem their points at the casino at the players club counter or at any slot machine. This casino also features Personal Banker Technology which offers them the ability to redeem their points quickly and easily without a hassle at all at their favorite slot machine. Players who join the club will be able to take full advantage of special hotel rates and birthday rewards. Players who visit the casino during their birth month will be able to play the all-new birthday game which offers the ability to win merchandise, cash or bucks. Other promotions and giveaways are available to players as well but only after they sign up for the club.