West Virginia

Gambling in West Virginia

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Parimutuel: 18
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Charity Bingo: 18

List of Casinos in West Virginia:

West Virginia is home to nearly two million people and is mostly referred to as the mountain state. In total the state is about 24,230 square miles. One saying about the state of West Virginia is that it is considered the southern most northern state and the northern most southern state. Throughout all 50 states, West Virginia was the first to adopt a sales tax program in 1921. West Virginia also opened the first all women’s prison in 1926, oddly enough with that West Virginia has the lowest crime rate in the United States.

West Virginia Gambling

West Virginia is one of the many 50 states that features different kinds of gambling. One of the biggest forms of gambling within the state is parimutuel betting which allows players to make bets on racing for horses. Within the state there are three different tracks like Wheeling Island Racetrack & Gaming Center, Charles Town Races & Tri-State Racetrack. In addition to racehorse betting players can participate in slots & table games for players who are 18 and over. Since the racetracks offer gambling there are no casinos located within the state. A state lottery is featured with many different games for players who are 18 and over like Hot Lotto, Daily 3, Daily 4, Cash 25, Keno, Instant Games, Powerball, Mega Millions & more.