Gambling in Vermont

Lottery: 18
Parimutuel: NA
Casino: NA
Charity: 18

Spanning over 9,620 miles, Vermont is the 45th largest state which is actually pretty small. The state also does not have very many residents with just over 600,000 in population. Vermont does hold one title as it was the first state admitted to the union after the ratification of the Constitution. The state also holds the record for the number of dairy cows within the United States.

Vermont Gambling

The state lottery here in Vermont welcomes players who are 18 or over to participate in ticket purchases for games like Powerball, Megabucks Plus, Mega Millions, Instant Scratch Tickets, Hot Lotto, Pick 3, Pick 4, Instant Games & more. Vermont began it’s lottery in 1977 with games line Green Mountain, Scratch ‘N Match & more. The state also participates in a tri state lottery which is combination of three states to create a mega jackpot. Players in Vermont will find there are no racetracks for pari-mutuel betting or any land based casinos. Bingo & Charity events are permitted within the state for players who are 18 and over. Charity events include those raising money for different causes.