Gambling in Utah

Lottery N/A
Parimutuel N/A
Casinos N/A
Charity Bingo N/A

Utah is known as the ‘Beehive State.’ This name comes from the state’s history which starts with early Mormon settlers who carried swarms of bees with them. The state is considered home to around three million people. The state is the 13th largest state within the United States which is 84,899 square miles. A fun fact about Utah; The city of Levan is named that because it is the center of Utah and is the word Navel spelled backwards.

Forms of Gambling in Utah
Most would think that Utah would not offer any forms of gambling because of the strong ties between it’s government and the Mormon church. However, there are forms of gambling within the state. Granted, they were implemented through a loop hole. Within Utah the only form of gaming for money are bingo & dinner halls. These halls welcome players to purchase dinner which comes with a bingo card, from there during dinner a player will enjoy their meal with a game of bingo for prizes and money. This type of combination is offered in three different places Riverdale Dinner & Bingo, Annie’s Dinner & Bingo Club & Southgate Dinner & Bingo. Each restaurant is placed throughout the state one up north, one in the middle and one in the southern region of the state. These restaurants have been through the court process as some have felt that their operations were unlawful however, in court the restaurants won because they were not directly selling bingo cards.