Gambling in Oregon

Lottery: 18
Parimutuel: 18
Casino: 18-21
Charity Bingo: 18

Oregon offers many different kinds of gambling to it’s residents. Players can find many different land based casinos on Native American Reservations to play all kinds of the most popular casino games like table games, card games, keno and more! Oregon offers parimutuel betting for horse and dog racing. A state lottery is here as well.

Types of Gambling in Oregon

Oregon has had some rich gambling history since 1984 with the state lottery. A law was passed to enact a state lottery for players who are 18 and over. This allowed residents to purchase tickets to try and earn a huge jackpot. Scratch tickets were the first kind of lottery ticket ever sold in 1985. In 1989, Oregon started to offer a state-run sports betting ring called the Sports Action Lottery, Oregon was the first and only state within the United States to do something like this. Oregon showed it’s appreciation and profits from the lottery they started to allow keno every five minutes in 1991. The Video Lottery in Oregon was then legalized and up & running in 1992. The first Native American casino opened in Oregon in 1994 which finalized the last step for casino gambling within the state. Today, there are nine Native American Casinos within the state for players to choose from.