Turtle Mountain Chippewa Casino Review

Turtle Mountain Chippewa Mini Casino Review

Turtle Mountain Chippewa Mini Casino
US Highway 281
Belcourt, North Dakota 58316

Phone: (701) 447-6438
Minimum age: 21

The Turtle Mountain Chippewa Mini-Casino is open 24 hours per day and offers 70 slot machines, including reel slots, video poker, multi-game slots and keno. The slot machines are lower stakes compared to the typical casino and players can play nickel, quarter, $1 or $5 slots. The mini-casino is affiliated with the Sky Dancer Hotel Casino located in the same town. The casino doesn’t offer any table games, bingo or poker. If playing the slots isn’t your thing, then you will want to go down the road to the Sky Dancer.

Turtle Mountain Chippewa – Mini Casino Promotions
Even though the mini-casino doesn’t have as many machines or games as a larger place, the Turtle Mountain Chippewa does have a player’s card. Their player’s card is the Northern Lights Club card, the same as their sister casino, Sky Dancer. Points earned while gambling can be redeemed at both casinos. Turtle Mountain Chippewa offers drawings, and while you have to have their Northern Lights Club to qualify, it is easy to obtain and free. Senior Day is held on Thursday and Friday and players have the opportunity to earn more extra points. As points earned at the Turtle Mountain Chippewa can be redeemed at the Sky Dancer Casino, players earned can be used for discounted rooms at the Sky Dancer Hotel and other merchandise.

Turtle Mountain Chippewa – Mini Casino Amenities
The Turtle Mountain Chippewa casino is entirely smoke-free. Unlike some of the other casinos in North Dakota, Turtle Mountain Chippewa does offer alcoholic beverages on its premises. While there are no restaurants or grills inside the mini-casino, there is a Chinese restaurant next door, or players can go a little further away and grab a bite to eat at another nearby restaurant, such as Taco John’s, Hot Stuff Pizza or La Dots.

Turtle Mountain Chippewa – Mini Casino Review
Turtle Mountain Chippewa Mini Casino isn’t for gamblers who like to play for high stakes or for players who like a lot of variety in a casino, but those gamblers can travel a few miles to the Sky Dancer Casino. The Turtle Mountain Chippewa Mini Casino is more suited for travelers passing through Belcourt, such as truck drivers who want to have a little fun without all the noise and activity a full-sized casino offers. The casino doesn’t have any table games or high stakes slot machines, and while the casino isn’t really for serious gamblers, it does give people the chance to become familiar with slot machines without burning a lot of cash.