New Hampshire

Gambling in New Hampshire

Lottery: 18
Parimutuel: 21
Casino 21
Charity Bingo: 18

The Granite State of the United States is New Hampshire. Here, many will find tons of granite quarries throughout the state, this is not only the nickname for the state but the state rock as well. Some other nicknames New Hampshire has adopted are ‘The Mother of Rivers’ ‘The White Mountain State’ and the ‘Switzerland of America.’ New Hampshire is quite a small state in fact it is the 46th largest state as it is only 9,304 square miles in total. The state is home to 1,316,470 in total population.

Types of Gambling Found in New Hampshire

The state welcomes so many different kinds of gambling with a state lottery which offers gaming to players who are 18 and over. New Hampshire is one of the 36 states that welcomes many games like Pick 3, Pick 4, Weekly Grand, PowerBall, Mega Millions, Mega Bucks, Hot Lotto, Instant Games & more. Parimutuel betting is one of the most popular games found in the United States because most states do not offer casinos however many offer horse and greyhound racing. Players can participate in parimutuel betting at age 21 and can find tracks throughout the state with horse and greyhound racing. Within the state of New Hampshire there are no land based casinos.