Gambling in Nevada Review

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Any time a person within the United States thinks of gambling the first place that comes to mind is Las Vegas. Within the United States the gambling business earns about $50 billion, in total Nevada brings in 20 percent of that income. Gambling in Nevada is a big money maker for the state as one third of the states tax revenue comes from gambling alone. One thing many do not know is that gambling professionals within the state do not like to refer to it as ‘gambling’ but ‘gaming’ instead this is due to the negativity the gaming industry has been given over the years. Many have always wanted to know why Nevada has so many casinos, this is because the state has the lowest monthly tax percentage. Casinos in Nevada are required to pay $250 per slot machine for any casino that has over 15 different slots machines in conjunction with that the casinos also need to pay a 6.75% monthly tax on gross revenue.

Types of Gambling Found in Nevada

Nevada’s gambling starts as far back as 1931, in Nevada casinos there are strict laws for employees, all who work within a casino must carry a valid gaming work permit and must also be registered with the state of Nevada. Those who work as bartenders or cocktail waitresses are exempt from this law. Players must be 21 or over the enter a casino and gamble. Nevada does not actually have a state lottery mainly because there is so much gaming action within the state lawmakers felt that it may take away from the gaming. Megabucks is a promotion that is linked between many different casinos and is a progressive slots game that features a jackpot that starts at a whopping $10 million.

Nevada Online Casinos

Las Vegas is a great place to gamble in land based casinos however for some, the crowds are just too much. Las Vegas currently does not have any laws against online gambling at their regulated casinos. Federally all forms are gambling are legal at age 18. Most online casinos are featured over seas however currently Las Vegas is actively trying to find ways to bring online casinos here which would be operated by the existing casinos to generate more money. Nevada is one of the only states that has actually shown growth through the economic woes of the United States which is majorly due to the gambling laws within the state. Players can find hundreds of games at online casinos, some casinos even offer games that are not found in the land based casinos because those games are more popular over seas.

UPDATE: 03/01/2013

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived for many players. Now, players who are usually found in casinos can play online! The legalization of internet gaming was completed on February 26th 2013 and offers companies and casinos alike to begin operations from within the state for online gaming. The majority of online casinos in the United States will now be operated by land-based casinos and those versed with the industry. Projected revenues can be as large as $4 billion to $10 billion per year for the state. Before players had to seek out online casinos located in different countries, but soon Nevada residents will be able to play online from well known brands within their boarders. This is sure to bring up player confidence as well as safety, and faster cash-out times.

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