Gambling in Mississippi

Lottery: N/A
Pari-Mutuel: N/A
Casino: 21
Charity Bingo: N/A

The Magnolia State of Mississippi is also known as ‘The Hospitality State.’ When looking on a map you can find this state next to Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas & Tennessee. The state is the 32nd largest state spanning over 48,000 miles and is home to roughly three million people.

Gaming Found in Mississippi

Mississippi offers mainly just casino gambling for those who are 18 and over. The casinos found there are Vegas style casinos that offer all kinds of gaming including table games, card games, keno, poker, slots and more. Players can choose from casinos like; Grand Casinos, Bally’s Casino, Resorts Tunica Casino, Sam’s Town Casino, Horseshoe Casino, Hollywood Casino, Sheraton, Fitzgerald’s Casino, and Gold Strike Casino. Mississippi does not allow most of the other forms of gambling such as the lottery. There are only 14 states within the United States that do not offer some form of a state lottery including; Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Mississippi, Wyoming, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Hawaii & Nevada. The reason Mississippi does not have a lottery is because of the fact that the state already operates casinos which a lottery may take away from. Many states benefit from a state-run lottery because it offers funding for public programs & such unfortunately a bill to have a lottery within this state has been turned down numerous times. Parimutuel betting also is not allowed within the state of Mississippi.