Gambling in Maryland

Lottery: 18
Pari-mutuel: 18
Casinos: 21
Bingo: 18

Maryland, the land of many nicknames. The state is home to about 5,773,552 citizens. Most of those know the state as ‘The Old Line State’ ‘The Free State’ & ‘Little America.’ The state of Maryland offers many different forms of gambling as well as a state lottery. Players will want to be sure of the age permitted with certain kinds of gambling as it varies from type.

Types of Gambling in Maryland

Maryland is one of the 36 states that offers a state lottery to it’s residents starting at age 18. In fact, Maryland’s recent gaming history starts as far back as 1973 when the lottery was made official within the state for games like a lotto, daily numbers games and keno. Not only does Maryland have a private lottery within the state but it also participates in a six-state big game lotto as well. Pari-mutuel betting is very popular in American culture even today. One of the racetracks found in Maryland The Pimlico track, has been open since 1870 and is one of the oldest in the nation. This racetrack is most noted for the race in 1938 when Seabuscuit won a match against War Admiral who was a triple crown winner. The state in total offers 4 racetracks for horse racing & betting players must be 18 or over to place bets within the states. Beginning November of 2008, slots gaming was legalized for 15,000 slot machines to be placed at 5 different locations. The very first casino to open in Maryland was the Hollywood Casino that is located in Perryville. The second casino was just opened in January of 2011 which features 750 slot machines and is located near Ocean City. Players must be 21 or over to participate in gambling within Maryland.

Internet Gambling In Maryland

Online gambling is also permitted within the state of Maryland as there are no laws against it federally or within the state. Since there are only two casinos within the state players often turn to online casinos to get in on the winning action. Players can often find hundreds of games at any one casino with tables, card games, poker, keno & more. Online casinos allow players to make deposits many different ways with methods like eWallets and other money transfer products. Within the United States it is illegal to make a deposit with a credit card or bank account. Players will find that sign up with an online casino is easy and only takes a few minutes. From there a player can download the software to their computer and start playing. For Mac users, players can use an instant play version of the software which does not require any kind of download.