Gambling in Kansas

Lottery: 18
Parimutuel: 21
Casinos: 21
Charity Bingo: 18

The Sunflower State of Kansas has a few different nicknames like ‘The Midway State’ ‘The Wheat State’ & ‘The Jayhawk State.’ The state was admitted to the union back in 1861 and is located right in the center of the United States. Gambling in Kansas is relatively new and has only been around for the last 30 years legally. In 1974, voters approved a constitutional amendment which would legalize charitable bingo tournaments. Today charity bingo is still an active part of the state of Kansas and welcomes players who are 18 and over. The next step toward the legalization of gambling was in 1986 when voters approved more amendments which allowed pari-mutuel betting at both dog and horse racing tracks. For this type of gambling players should be 21 or over to enter the racetrack. Throughout the 90’s within Kansas more & more Native American casinos were approved and opened for players who are 21 and over.

Gaming Offered in Kansas

Kansas offers dog and horse race track betting. Most states allow one or the other typically whichever is more popular however both are available here. Within the state there are 3 tracks for horse racing and one track for dog racing. Located on the reservation land in Kansas are casinos. There are 5 total casinos within the state that operate for players who are 21 and older. Within the state of Kansas there are only Native American operated casinos, citizens within the state have tried to get a law passed that would allow state run casinos to operate within the state to bring more tax revenue but the bill has been vetoed several times. All kinds of gaming is found in these casinos including slots, video poker, tables, card games, keno & more. A state lottery is offered here as well. Most states within the US offer a lottery because it is a good resource for the struggling states. The lottery offers games like; Powerball, Pick3, Kansas Hold’Em, Hot Lotto, Keno & 2by2. The lottery within the state is available for those who are 18 and over.

Online Casino Gaming in Kansas

Online casinos welcome players from the United States based upon the state they reside in and their regulations. Kansas currently does not have any laws regarding online gambling. The federal law allows all kinds of gambling at age 18. The only federal law regarding online gambling is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act which does not allow players to use their bank account or credit card to deposit or withdraw from online casinos. This is mainly due to the fact that online casinos are not based in the United States and have been a method for money laundering to other countries. Online casinos differ in many ways than land based casinos because they offer many more games and promotions. Most of the games offered are your traditional casino games however many other games are available as well like European Blackjack & European Roulette.