Gambling in Hawaii

Lottery N/A
Casinos: N/A
Parimutuel: N/A
Charity Bingo & Pull Tabs: N/A

Hawaii is known as a destination many would love to visit at some point in their lifetime. The state is known for it’s amazing beauty. There is no other state within the United States that resembles Hawaii. For the most part Hawaii has much different culture and lifestyle than any other state as well. Known as ‘The Aloha State’ Hawaii has it’s own language which has an alphabet that only consists of 12 letters. Aloha means both Hello & Goodbye in their language. Hawaii is the widest state in the United States from East to West. Hawaii became habitable land after underwater volcanoes erupted under the ocean.

No Gambling Found in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the toughest states when it comes to gambling. Most forms of gambling are illegal within the state or are not found. There are currently 14 states within the 50 states that does not have a state lottery which shows that Hawaii must be doing pretty well since the lottery is a great source of revenue for the state without it, some states suffer. Other states that do not consist of a lottery include Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah & Wyoming. One of the only kinds of gambling that the state offers is social gambling which has not been clearly defined to many, basically this law means players can only make wagers among friends and those they associate with socially.

Online Casinos in Hawaii

In the United States, Federal laws are placed, each state from there is legal to tighten the law if they would like. Online gambling is not address in either the state laws of Hawaii or the federal laws however, any kind of gambling is legal for players who are 18 and over under federal laws. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is a law that was passed in 2006 which only prohibits players from using their bank account or credit card information to make deposits or withdrawals from an online casino. Since there are no casinos in Hawaii, and the closest one is thousands of miles away, players often turn to the internet for some gambling entertainment. Internet casinos usually offer much better promotions than land based casinos as they have the ability to match a player’s deposit by 100%-400%. Players can choose from hundreds of games from tables to card games, keno, poker slots & more.