Gambling in Florida

Lottery: 18
Parimutuel: 18
Casinos: 18/21
Charity Bingo & Pull Tabs: 18

In Florida, gambling started out as an illegal activity. The first casino was opened illegally in 1888 and was located in St. Augustine. Here, gaming consisted of Roulette, Craps & bookie Boards. Throughout time, many games were adopted from other countries like Bolita which came from Cuba in the 1920’s. Another popular form of gambling emerged in 1924 which was a race track and was called Hialeah Park, at this point in time, gambling was still illegal but very popular.

Gaming Found in Florida

The legalization of gambling in Florida proved to be a smart move. Today, the gambling industry brings about $2.2 billion annually from the legal forms of gambling within the state. Florida offers many casinos like Big M Casino, Big Cat Express and many cruise lines that offer gaming as well. The federal law permits players to enter a casino at 18 to gamble however some casinos do not allow anyone under 21. Parimutuel betting is available in the state and welcomes players who are 18 and over. The lottery is found all over the state of Florida, players can find many different games within the lottery for those who are 18 and over. Racetracks found throughout the state also offer poker rooms. There are 8 large tribal casino with over 4,000 slots throughout the state. A lot of state revenue comes from the pari-mutuel betting tracks which pay 50% tax for all of the profits made that year.

United States Online Casinos

Online gambling in Florida has not been addressed, therefore players should revert back to the federal law which allows any kind of gambling for player 18 and older. Online casinos are a great way to play a little while at home. Most online casinos will offer better promotions than land based casinos with VIP clubs, loyalty points programs and deposit match bonuses. Online casinos typically offer many different kinds of gambling that cannot be found in casinos such as European forms of traditionally games like Blackjack & Roulette. Online casinos offer an instant play version for players to test out the software before downloading & some casinos will even offer free chips for players to start playing right away. One limitation within the United States for online gambling restricts players from making deposits with their bank account or credit card information. This law is referred to as the UIGEA which was passed in 2006. Many other deposit methods are available such as eWallets, money transfers and money grams.