Gambling in Colorado

Lottery: 18
Parimutuel: 18
Casinos: 21:
Bingo & Charity: 18

Colorado is another state that allows all forms of gambling throughout the state. Some time ago however, gambling was illegal in the state. Casinos are presented within the state and allow players who are 21 and over. The beginnings of gambling within the state start as far back as 1822. In fact, you can say the beginning of casino gambling in America started in Colorado as the first casino brought to America is located on the corners of Colorado, Wyoming & Utah which is named Brown’s Saloon.

Gambling Found in Colorado

In 1990 the state finally laid down the law and allowed casinos to open within the state. Voters were given the chance to vote on a bill which would legalize gambling within the state. In 1991, this law was passed with circumstances. The maximum bet in Colorado was $5 at this time. Now the limit has been increased to $100. Cities like Black Hawk, Central City & Cripple Creek are all known for being National Historic Districts which helped pass this law to preserve the history of these towns.

In Colorado, there are Tribal casinos and State casinos. There are a few differences regarding the laws in Colorado for each kind of casino. Tribal casinos do not have restrictions to follow for the hours of operation. Casinos are able to stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. State run casinos or private casinos are required to close their doors no later than 2:00am. Colorado offers a lottery which allows players who are 18 or over to participate in games like Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto, Matchplay, Cash 5, Scratch & a Bonus raffle. There are also 8 pari-mutuel horse and greyhound racing tracks located in Colorado which allow players who are 21 and over to make bets.