Gambling in California

Lottery Age 18
Parimutuel Betting Age 18
Land Based Casino Age 18/21
Bingo & Charity Events Age 18

California is a big gambling state, all forms of gambling are legal within the state and are found here. $14 billion per year makes up a large portion of California’s $700 billion economy. Because the number is so high, the loss to players are about $2.5 billion per year. California offers gaming like a state lottery, parimutuel horse betting, card clubs, Indian casinos & charity gambling. All of the gambling at casinos in California are run by Native American tribes which are legal to offer all kinds of gaming. Within the state there are 40 different Vegas-Style casinos which offer slots, table games, keno, card games, video poker & more.

Types of Gambling Found in California

Parimutuel betting is a big portion of California’s gambling revenue. There are 16 total racetracks which offer horse racing. Within the state there are no greyhound racing tracks however. Parimutuel betting is available for players who are 18 and over. Tribal casinos welcome players who are 18 or 21. The federal law allows players who are 18 to gamble within the states however, California has left it up to the casinos to choose which age they would like to start accepting players. Some casinos allow players who are just 18 and others allow players who are 21 and over. California has a state lottery as well which is available for players who are 18 and over. The lottery is one of the most popular forms of gambling within the states because it helps the state earn more money for publicly funded programs such as schools. Private lotteries in California are prohibited.

List of Casinos in California: