Gambling in Alaska

Lottery: N/A
Parimutuel Betting: N/A
Casinos & Slot Machines: 18/21
Charity Bingo & Pull Tabs: 19/21

Most people don’t wouldn’t guess it but Alaska is the largest state in the United States as far as square miles. The state in total spans over 663,268 square miles. Though it’s very large the state is only home to just under 1 million people and ranks 47th as far as population. Most associate Alaska with freezing cold temperatures and supreme beauty. The state is known as ‘The Last Frontier’ and joined the Union in 1959.

Casinos in Alaska

Native American tribes operate the casinos found in Alaska. Though there are very few casinos in Alaska due to the population they offer all kinds of gambling. Players can enter a casino in Alaska at age 18. However, within the state some casinos do not allow players under 21. The casinos found in Alaska are; Tlinga and Haida Indians of CBJ bingo, Sitka Tribal Bingo, Organized Village of Kake Bingo, Klawock IRA pull tabs shoppe, & Native Village Barrow Pull Tabs. Some of the casinos in Alaska only offer Bingo & Pull Tabs, others offer full gaming including tables, slots, video poker & more. Parimutuel betting is not found in Alaska due to the weather conditions, greyhounds & horses are not generally found to live in that climate. Alaska is also one of the very few 13 states that does not offer a state lottery. Bingo welcomes players who are 18 and over, and for pull tabs players must be 19 and over.