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The casino becomes a program on your computer which can be access with just a click of a button. No download required, just open your browser and navigate to the website. Bored at dinner? In a long line? Lounging on the couch? Smart Phones and Tablets welcome.

Net Entertainment Software
Net Entertainment Software stepped onto the gaming scene in 1996 as a company and opened it’s first casino in 2000. Any time there is a new company that breaks onto the scene it sends all of the other companies into a frenzy, trying to overcome their new competition, checking out what they have, etc. Players who visit the casinos powered by Net Entertainment Software will have a strong and stable reputation within the industry which is ever-apparent by how many casinos they currently operate. The casino company is known mostly for it’s video slots which rank highly among players due to enhanced graphics and sounds on top of the best paying jackpots.

When it comes to the individual casinos, players will see around 100 different games to choose from. Players will have all of the classic traditional games along with new casino games and variations that make the gaming even more thrilling. In total, players will see a large library of different slots games that are available with more than 50 of the games being those spinning reels that we all know and love. Other games include Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack and Pai Gow Poker. The sounds and graphics here are so realistic, players will feel as though they are right in the middle of a land based casino!.

Net Entertainment Software is created within house and only uses products from within the company. This leaves players with unique gaming choices that haven’t been seen other places, players will love the new styles of games that are offered to them without having to worry about running into the same games that are operating under a new name. There are several different casinos out there that offer Net Entertainment Software, keep your eyes out for them!

A little history about Net Entertainment Software, the company sold off their casinos in 2005 to specifically zoom in and focus on the software development because for them, this was their passion which brought in more money. The company operated this way for two years and in 2007, they saw a major boost in companies who offered their software which included sportsbooks and around 40 different casinos.

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