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Realtime Gaming Casino Software
RTG software is used in many casinos all over the world. This is a firm that has been in the industry for quite some time now and is known in full as Realtime Gaming. This software group has consistently featured among the top 5 casino software companies around the world in almost every year. Even the council responsible for Interactive gaming has approved this company’s software and allowed it to be used in casinos. It places a requirement on all casinos using the software to be responsible in terms of the usage. It also operates on the premise or principle of taking each gaming with the seriousness it deserves.

RTG, Realtime Gaming, was established during the year 1998 with its base being Atlanta in Georgia. At the moment, it is headquartered in Curacao Netherlands Antilles after it was acquired by a group known as Hastings International. This happened in 2007 and eventually led to the increased growth of the casino software company even further than it had in the earlier years. It has taken a very active role in making sure that the online gaming platform is revolutionized and has come up with some pioneering ideas. This has been carried out with utmost care through the release of its latest software, known as RTG 6.2.

RTG Software has been listed as one of the leading and best online gaming platforms around the world. It is continuously ranked among the top five in this industry year on end. The company is entirely focused on making sure that the gaming industry is taken seriously and that there aren’t any cases of fraud displayed among clients and casinos. It ensures that all casinos which use its software adhere to very strict criteria thus standing no chance of causing despair with gamers, or getting a bad reputation. It gives the operators a little extra freedom with the software compared with other companies within this industry. All machines using its software are fitted with a feature called Auto Play to give gamers a better experience.

Casinos Supported by RTG
The population of casinos where RTG software is used has been on the increase due to the great reputation it has managed to acquire ever since it entered the industry. If you are looking for a casino where you have access to this software, you should try Casino Max,, or Bovada casinos.

RTG Overall Rating
The rating given to RTG is quite remarkable most times. This is because of the close affiliation and familiarity most people have with this software. It is quite difficult to find its ratings to fall below 4 out of 5, and where it does, it mostly has to do with the user’s personal experience with the casino where the software is used. The impressive ranking given to this software is primarily as a result of the features it has. It is one of the fastest software in the online gaming world in addition to the wide selection it offers people in terms of video poker games and the choice between 3 or 5 video slots. The complete control it gives clients over game speed has also led to favorable rankings by people who have used it.