Royal Online Vegas - Blockchain casino with few games but solid base

Royal Online Vegas - A blockchain casino with a few games but a very solid base

  • Gambling Dapp: Royal Online Vegas
  • Blockchain: EOS
  • Accepted Tokens: EOS
  • Wallet Login: Scatter
  • Available Games:
    • Jacks or Better
    • Black Jack
    • Ultimate Texas Hold’Em
    • Poker Dice
    • Poker Master

All new on the casino scene is Royal Online Vegas, a blockchain casino with a few games but a very solid base. Royal Online Vegas is a great opportunity for players who are interested in getting started with or are seasoned pertaining to blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. players are flocking to these types of casinos as they arise because they are far more secure, and trustworthy send some of the other casinos that we have utilized regularly in the past. Blockchain casinos operate with other transparency, trustworthiness and haste. Players will notice that when utilizing this casino for their banking needs, things will move along much quicker than what they were used to before.

Getting Started

Taking a look around Royal Online Vegas casino, you will notice that this casino has a minimalistic approach. From the graphics to the text, this casino operates in a way that makes it easy for everyone to play for real money online. There is no need to register for an account here, in fact you will be able to use your TronLink or scatter accounts to begin. If you do not have one of these accounts quite yet, you can simply sign up on their websites. Most players will use the chrome browser extension TronLink to seamlessly login without having to provide personal information such as address, name, or a password other than the TronLink one. The nice thing about this is that you will be able to play at multiple different blockchain casinos without having to create a separate login for each one. everything is Consolidated down to either the scatter account or TronLink.


Once you’re all logged in, you will have the opportunity to transfer funds from your wallet over to your playable balance. This operates much differently than what you would be used to with a regular online casino. Mainly because with other online casinos, you would have used your credit card to make a deposit. These transactions will show up in your banking information and unfortunately, some banks are not all that friendly with online casinos. by using TronLink you will be bypassing the banks all together.

Withdrawing funds is also very easy, sometimes with other online casinos we would be stuck waiting weeks or days to get our payments. In the cases of those who have had a large jackpot, months. Here your funds are transferred back to your wallet in an instant. This can be done because the casino does not need to verify any winnings, which again, streamlines the entire process.


As mentioned before, this casino doesn’t have hundreds of games. But, part of that is due to the casino being brand new. the other part of that is the casino wants to operate in a way where everything is done correctly and perfectly. So you can expect quality over quantity each time you come to the casino. For right now, the casino Library consists of just a handful of game. those games include; Jacks or Better, Blackjack, Ultimate Texas HoldEm Poker, Poker Dice and Poker Master. Royal online Vegas allows players to Simply access all of the games through the browser window. There is no need to download anything in order to play a game. this is delightful for most players who just want to get in for a quick game.


Blockchain casinos are spreading like wildfire at this time, you want to be the first to get into this new form of technology because the pairing of casinos and the blockchain almost seems like they were made for each other. One of the things that I appreciate most about this casino is the ease of use when it comes to banking. There isn’t much confusion there, but if you do need help there is a telegram group where you can talk with other players who are eager to help and answer questions. Overall, this casino is much different from the rest in the way that it is set up, but over time, the casino will grow with more games and options.

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