RocketGame - The Best Provably Fair Blockchain Gambling Experience

RocketGame Review - “The Best Provably Fair Blockchain Gambling Experience”

  • Gambling Dapp: RocketGame
  • Blockchain: Tron
  • Accepted Tokens: TRX
  • Wallet Login: TronLink
  • Available Games:
    • RocketDice
    • Mines
    • Keno
    • Dice
    • Fruit Machine
    • Plinko
    • Hi-Lo
    • Ring
  • PVP-Games:
    • Monopoly
    • BattleShip
    • Mines-Melee
    • Ring-PK

RocketGame is a new online casino which differs greatly from the existing online casino choices. This all new and updated casino welcomes players from around the world. Here, players have the ability to utilize blockchain technology for the most updated and secure type of gaming. The online casino industry is in for a major shake-up as blockchain casinos dominate. the reason for the taking, is due to many factors. First, players will enjoy transparency and instant deposits as they utilize Rocket game.

Getting Started

If you are a seasoned online casino player, you will know that formerly each player would need to register for each individual Casino. That technology is long gone, players now will utilize wallets such as TronLink to login to an account, bypassing the registration process entirely. When looking at RocketGame’s website, you will notice a simple look over all. This speaks a lot about what this casino has to offer and how they operate. Along the top of the screen, you will see many different options such as contest, stats, tasks, awards, event, referral, road map, and frequently asked questions. Alongside those different tabs, you will find the login information.

To begin, you will need to already have an existing TronLink wallet set up. If you don’t already have one, you can simply head over to the website or register for an account through the extension found in the Google Chrome Store. Once you’re traveling while it has been set up, you will be able to seamlessly login to RocketGame and other casinos that run off of the blockchain.


As you probably could have guessed, banking at RocketGame is much different from what you will find in other online casinos. Here, you will find that banking is much easier, faster, and overall just smarter. Since you are already logging in with your TronLink wallet, you will simply place the funds in your playable balance instead of using the alternative method found in other casinos such as a credit card. Even with other casinos that accept Bitcoin for deposits, you still will need to wait for the funds to be transferred. The biggest difference between this casino and others is that when you go to withdraw your funds, you will simply send them back to the wallet which will take place instantly.

For those of you who have played with online casinos before, you will find that this boost in technology is something amazing. Players who have hit the jackpot before at other casinos are usually Sitting Waiting days, or months for their winnings. Here, everything is very transparent and you will not need to wait, nor will you need to have your winnings verified by the casino.


When it comes to blockchain casinos, you will find another thing to be pretty common. The games right now are a bit Limited as far as numbers go. But in most cases, the games have better graphics, sound, and are more responsive than the traditional online casino choices. Although the library may seem limited with less choices, players tend to gravitate toward this casino and others like it because of the transparency Factor. at RocketGame, you will be able to play all of the games through your browser window instead of downloading them to your computer.

Taking a look at some of the games that are available you will find many different choices which include some classic titles like; Monopoly, Battleship, Mines, and Plinko. In addition to these games, you will find many other choices to keep you busy. Most of the choices available at Rockets game are those that are exclusive to this brand. since this casino is brand new, we should expect to see more and more games rolling out.

Referral Bonus

If you love RocketGame, and would like to invite your friends to come play along too, you will be rewarded with a referral bonus of 0.2% of all of their bets. This can be done quickly and easily by sharing you’re unique referral code found under the referral tab. One thing for some players that may seem to be missing is the online casino bonuses. for me, this is a little bit refreshing because with other online casinos, I have found that the bonuses can sometimes hinder a player’s ability from receiving their winnings. Typical online casinos offer bonuses but with strict play through requirements, these requirements are what take the casino days or weeks to process winnings. Instead of bonus codes, players will be able to check out daily tasks that are available, by finishing these tasks players will receive tokens which can be used at the casino to play with.


Overall, Rocket game seems like a very interesting online casino with exciting games and a streamlined approach to banking. this blockchain casino is available to players 24 hours a day. If you have any questions about the casino, you will be able to ask in the telegram group for support. simply click the telegram logo at the top of the screen, which will grant you access to the casino’s live support group which is a community of players and staff-members collectively.

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