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Be Sure to Read the Bonus Terms: This is my favorite online casino, for several different reasons, I’ll tell you why in the review below, but in short;

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Red Stag Casino

Red Stag Casino is a WGS casino with lots of fun games to play. I found a free $10 chip online and had about an hour of playtime at this casino. While this wasn’t my favorite casino, I had fun playing here. The one thing that really made me realize that I wouldn’t play here again was the customer support and the dashboard. I’ll go into that a little bit later. Red Stag Casino is an online casino where you can sign up and play real casino games for real money. This casino welcomes players who are 21 and older from the USA and many other countries.

Getting Started

This casino was very easy to get started with, I clicked the “Instant Play” button to begin the registration process. This prompted a screen to pop up with the information necessary to register for an account. The required information included; name, address, phone number, email address and for me to register a screen name and password. Once the account was all set up, I was automatically logged in. If you’ve played at online casinos before, you’ll notice that I wasn’t asked for any verifying documents, these come later. From the point of registration, I looked around for the area to redeem my bonus code.

Bonus Code Redemption

I was using a fee chip bonus code at Red Stag Casino and here, things are a bit different. Players will have the ability to make their deposit when they simply head to the “deposit” tab within the cashier’s section of the website. On that page, I was directed by the live chat support staff to locate the “Instant Coupon” tab. This is where I can insert my no deposit bonus. The free $10 was added to my online account and I was ready to spin the reels. I loved that this bonus allowed me to play slots or table games, just as long as I made it through the playthrough requirements. That brings me to my next point, this casino actually frustrated me more than anything during game play. There is no way to tell where you are with your playthrough requirements. You’ll need to talk with live support and ask them periodically how much more money you need to play through. While this is fine and all, I received one representative who helped me, and another representative who wouldn’t help me. He refused to look up my playthrough information and when I asked for a supervisor, he would not transfer me and said that they didn’t have supervisors. This was really frustrating so I just closed the chat window and re-opened it to get another representative, she was able to help me. I had to do this 3 or 4 times to be sure that I had made it to the playthrough requirements when that time came. Once I got close, I just started counting my spins and cashed out once I achieved the correct amount.

Game Play

Though Red Stag Casino is one of the newer options that is available, it runs off of WGS technology software which only offers a selection of older looking games. This casino doesn’t offer the 3D games or the modernized slots. Some players may prefer that, however, I prefer to have the modernized games. I used the instant play software because I found it easier to use than downloading each game. I liked the games that were offered here after playing for some time, even though they were older. Here are some of the games that I played at Red Stag Casino;

  • Salsa – This is my new favorite game. I had really good luck with this game, not only did I meet my playthrough requirements with this game, but I also landed a $150 win on the last spin which pushed me over the required minimum of $160 to cashout. This game was fun, it had a Spanish theme with a fun bonus round. Ultimately, I spun 3 green beans on a $6.25 spin and landed the $150. No bonus round necessary.

  • Big Time – If you need a laugh, this is a good one. Centered around the thug life in the streets of south central, this game is full of lowriders, stacks of cash and cans of spray paint. When you strike the scatters or wilds on the reels, a fun bonus round will appear. During the bonus round, you’ll trick out a car and then you’ll have a jump off contest where you go toe to toe with one of the best low-riders around. Whoever’s car bounces the highest will be the winner. The bad part about this game is that if you lose, you won’t take home any of your wins from the free spins.

  • Fiesta – Another Spanish themed game where the party is right on your computer screen. Fiesta is very fun, it also has an exciting bonus round where you’ll hit each pinata for a chance to win some extra money. The wins are then doubled at the end of the game, giving you even more free money!


I ended up having $212 in winnings by the time I was done playing at this casino, the unfortunate part about that is that I could only cashout $160. But, I am now $160 richer than I was yesterday, all from playing with a free $10 chip. I decided to cashout my wins via Bitcoin. This does carry a $20 fee so, ultimately – I’ll earn $140 which isn’t too bad since I was really only coming to this casino to see if I’d like it or not. Before my winnings can be sent to me, I’ll need to send in some verifying documents which include; a copy of my driver’s license and a copy of a paper bank statement. This casino does not allow online statements to be sent in which is unfortunate. When processing the cashout amount, I was to then wait 72 hours for processing to be completed.

I unfortunately, received an email stating that I was not going to receive any winnings from this casino because I bet $12 on a few spins when playing the games. Apparently this is a bonus term that I missed and didn’t see. So, my winnings were forfeited.

What I Liked About This Casino

I liked some of the games that I played, I am mostly drawn to games with exciting bonus rounds and some of the games here were able to do that for me. I liked how easy the registration page was as well. Using Bitcoin as a withdrawal option is also something that I favor.

What I Disliked About This Casino

There wasn’t consistent with the training for the live chat representatives. I feel that because I received conflicting information, I can’t trust what the representatives had to tell me. I also don’t like the $20 fee associated with processing a transaction with Bitcoin since I know that the processing fee from Bitcoin is nowhere near $20 for a $160 payment. I also didn’t like the fact that I asked the representatives if I was within the bonus terms, and they said yes. So, again the poor training came into play.


Overall, this wasn’t my favorite casino but I do feel like this is a much better option than the other WGS Casino; Miami Club. This casino was easy to sign up for and the games were fun, I just prefer something with games that look a little bit newer. One of the things that I really liked about this casino was that I could bet as little as 1 penny on the slots which means that I could bet on each line, without breaking the bank.

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