BingoFlash Online Bingo Hall Review

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Committed to bringing quality online gambling experience, BingoFlash operates with the highest standards of virtual bingo gaming. Famous for being one of Parlay Entertainment’s much prided website, it showcases some of the most desirable gaming feats that are designed to offer 100% satisfaction to its clients, new and old alike. It runs on Parlay’s consistent and highly advanced gaming platform that packs more than just plain jackpots, prizes, promos, and whatnot. In addition, the site is also well-known for its friendly and professional 24/7 virtual support team. Indeed, if one wishes to actually experience cutting edge gaming, let alone virtual gambling services, BingoFlash is the best place to consider.

BingoFlash Online Bingo Hall Webpage
The main webpage of BingoFlash has the same layout and form with other Parlay Entertainment-powered sites. It is majorly blue with slight hints of black and gold. One can see a large frame bearing the name of the site and its 500% Welcome Bonus to new clients, found at the middle of the spread. There is a blue “Join Now” button that blinks in a logarithmic pattern situated below the frame. Following in suit are six boxes that stand for specific announcements and features of the casino. These are: Lots at Slots, The Champs, Bingo Breeze, Free Games, Customer Support, and Chat Matters.

Bingo Hall Games
BingoFlash’s preview games page is very simple and plain blue spread with little to minimal accents. This page is dedicated to display the casino’s gaming suite, let alone rules, guidelines, and instructions. A very noticeable characteristic of this page, it doesn’t contain ay image or photo to artistically uplift the plain texts it displays. The gaming category labels are plainly listed on this page. They are in dark blue whilst the other texts on the page are in white. The categories are: Table Poker, Blackjack, Video Poker, Caribbean Poker, Pull Table, Online Slots, Roulette, and Craps. On the other hand, the games belonging to each category can only be accessed by downloading the gaming software or by clicking on the label of the category.

The Promotional Exploits
As opposed to the site’s very plain preview games page, its promotions page is quite the opposite. The entire page also has the same background as with the rest but with less accents and boarders. Nevertheless, the page contains a lot of images, making it very pleasing and refreshing to the eyes. A very conspicuous frame can be found at the center of this page. The frame shows an image of a sumptuous meal and another of the site’s deposit bonus in an interchanging manner. Just beneath this frame are the promotional exploits of the site. Each promo available has its own dedicated tab placed in 2×2 fashion. The promos available on the site are: Casino Club, Bingo Bling, Deposit Bargains, and Bingo Babble. Clicking one of these tabs will lead one to a separate page that contains instructions and guidelines in availing the chosen promotion.

The Banking Modes
The preview games page and the banking page of BingoFlash are similar but different in many ways than one. Aside from its consistent deep blue background, both pages have more similar feats such as the blue label entry and the white descriptions of the entries. At the top area of the page is a list of the deposit methods of BingoFlash: Neteller, Visa, Wire Transfer, and Master Card. Following in suit are general instructions as to how one can actually use any of these modes to fund his account. What’s good about BingoFlash is the fact that its deposit methods are the same things available as withdrawal modes. Furthermore, the casino’s minimum and maximum withdrawal amount are also shown on this page.