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One of Parlay Entertainment’s all-time favourite offerings, 123 Bingo Online is a virtual bingo room that packs a whole lot of feats and perks to match everyone’s craving for bingo. This online bingo room was formally established in December 2004 in San Jose, Costa Rica. Ever since then it has been the cornerstone of high quality entertainment through its fair gameplay and trusted platform. As opposed to what many people think, 123 Bingo Online isn’t exclusive for bingo enthusiasts alone; it also offers a wide variety of games such as slots, blackjack, roulette, keno, video poker, craps, and many, many more. With its more than 100 employees who work day in and day out in designated departments like customer support, marketing, and technical support, this bingo room is truly a remarkable website that brings one of the best gaming experiences within the premises of one’s home.

123 Bingo Online Webpage
123 Bingo Online’s webpage is a quite catchy plain spread with minimal animation and accents. Albeit its simple form, the page is entirely made remarkable by a few tweaks that made it appear like an eclectic spread of different features. At the center area of the page is a large rectangular frame that displays the sign up bonus and other promos of the poker room. Below this is a moving series of the different tiled games. Some of the games included in the series are: Triple Card Poker, Rainforest Riches, Karat Crazy, Citrus 7s, Blackjack Up, Instant Keno, and Trolling for Treasure, among others. At the bottom are some display tabs that contain announcements on the daily winners, testimonials, as well as featured bonuses of the week. At the base of the site are several descriptions on the many features the site beholds.

123 Bingo Online Casino Games
What made 123 Bingo Online quite unique is its preview games page or the lack thereof. For one, its gaming suite can only be accessed on its main webpage. Since the site is primarily designed for bingo, the rest of the games available are streamlined on the main webpage itself. Nevertheless, the site has more tricks on its sleeves when it comes to its gaming suite. 123 Bingo Online has dedicated pages for slots and 123 Treasure Island. The former contains all of the different slots versions available in the casino, such as: Double Scoop, Diamond Surprise, Get Cracking, Three Times the Riches, and Hollywood Reels. On the other hand, the latter contains nothing more aside from the site’s 123 Treasure Island game and the instructions in playing it.

123 Bingo Online Promotions
While the casino doesn’t have a fixed preview games page, it has its own promotions page to compensate for the former. Upon accessing this page, one is warmly greeted by a rectangular frame that showcases a slideshow of some of the notable bonuses of the poker room. Below this frame is a straggling display of the different games and feats of the site and their matching bonuses. The feats comprise: Bingo Bounty, Casino Vault, Raffles, Chat Plaza, Bingo Basket, and Deposit Specials. In order for one to view the bonuses on each, he must first click on his desired feat. At the bottom of this page is a display of the instructions on how one can deposit to his account and avail the site’s sign-up bonus right away.

123 Bingo Online Deposit Options
As opposed to the availability of a promos page of the site and in relation to the preview games page, 123 Bingo Online doesn’t have a dedicated page that shows its banking instructions, let alone the banking modes available for use. Nevertheless, this is easily remedied by a dedicated tab at the base of every webpage that contains the icons of the banking modes it is affiliated with. From left to right, the banking modes available for use to players are: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club International, Prepaid Card, Transfer Money, Moneybookers, and Neteller.