Online Casino Slots

Though online slots weren’t the very first gaming type, the game is now one of the most popular games in the world. When you step into any land based casino you will notice that slots make up more than 70% of the gaming choices on the floor, our loose online slots are no different. The reasoning as to why this game is the most popular varies from player to player but some of the most common reasons include the fact that players have more control over how much they are spending from the beginning. Players will be able to choose the denomination of their choice along with how much they want to wager with each spin. Another top reason to choose a slots game over a table game is the fact that the game play is so easy, players usually start out with this option before heading over to the tables just to get the hang of the gaming atmosphere. There are several different kinds of slots available in both land based casinos and online casinos.

Real Time Gaming Slots 

Online Progressives
This type of slots game can be the most lucrative in the industry. There is only one major difference between this game and the other types of online slots. Progressives are where several slots gaming choices are linked together, all of the deposits are taken into a pool, at random the jackpot will hit and reward one very lucky player. Players will also see the word progressive associated with table games which can land big jackpots too! Depending on the size of the casino or if the casino links their jackpots with other casinos, some players could be looking at a six-figure jackpot. In most cases, the gaming styles and denominations are the same. In table games, denominations usually require a $1 side bet to qualify for the progressive jackpot which is usually not as high as the online slot games.

5 Reel Slots
Five reel slots are the most updated form of slots available, the traditional style of slots will have a three reel gameplay option so with five reels, there are more pay lines and chances to earn bonuses. There are differences not only with the reels but with the buttons found within the gaming screen. The max bet button is introduced with this style of slot machine and will give players the ability to select all lines and reels at once with a set bet amount. This is the quicker way of playing for those who are specifically looking to earn cash instead of burn time.

3 Reel Slots
Three reel slots are the most traditional form of slots available. Players will just have three spinning reels which makes for the simplest form of betting. Players will have a very minimal form of gaming with these as they do not offer the ability to earn bonus icons or bonus rounds. These games are usually those that offer the “bar” selection with fruits and other simple icons to play with. This is a great style of slots to start off with as there is no room for confusion.

Each of these different slots variations are available to players. In most cases, players like to start off with the slots gaming styles, move to video poker and then move onto the table games once they are feeling more acquainted with making bets. Sometimes, players will find their favourite slots game from a land based casino in online casinos as well. For the most part, players are slowly starting to seek out online casinos instead of the land based casinos because they offer a smoke-free environment with less crowds to sort through.