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We are a website designed to review the most popular internet-based casinos in the online casino industry. We are dedicated to creating genuine, authentic and comprehensive reviews about all of our listed online casinos and their affiliated software platforms. Simply select a software below or keep reading to learn more about our site.

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Our Mission Statement
Like what our name suggests, we are dedicated to bringing you up-to-date information about the operations of the different online casinos and the various games belonging to their gaming suite. Each review written, posted, and seen on this site are suggestive of only the real facts and the real score behind every company. Let it be known that the articles presented herein account only for well-researched data on the history, software, and credibility of each gambling site, for it is the sole vision of thecasinochat to deliver only the most precise and most up-to-date facts and info about the on-goings in the gambling industry.

Online Casino Reviews – A Better Understanding
Alongside the basic facts about the different internet-based casinos, our online casino reviews also features the raw details about the production and operation of the gambling sites. Through this mechanism, players are ensured of engaging themselves in a sound decision related to their affiliation and membership to the casino of their liking.

The Different Facets of thecasinochat
As mentioned earlier, the website is a presentation and journal of in-depth reviews of different legitimately operating gambling sites. Each review is actually dependent on the observations and the mere facts presented on the main sites of the different online gambling companies. To rule out prejudice and biases in the process of reviewing these sites, each article is patterned in an objective manner and is divided into salients point and core concepts about the site. The different reviews primarily encompass: the history of the gambling site, the software behind its operations, the different casinos belonging to the same software developer, the number and selection of games, and, of course, the reputation each company has established ever since it began to fully operate.

The Demographics of thecasinochat
The target audience of thecasinochat does not actually pertain to any specific group. Since the site’s main goal is to accurately present comprehensive reviews, it didn’t take much into consideration about the slice of population it entails to inform. Nevertheless, the site will remain true to its vision; coming up with a universal collection of reviews for people from around the world to refer to in cases where they are in doubt or are seeking additional information. That said, every review is for everyone who seeks to know more about their prospective gambling site, and it is also for people who want to update their understanding and knowledge of the different online casinos we present. For those seeking information strictly on online casinos they may simply visit online casinos.

The Different Types of Reviews Presented Herein
Strictly speaking, thecasinochat only caters to three types of reviews related to internet-based casinos. The first one is the casino review. This review primarily focuses on the different casinos. Each one of the articles belonging to this type is a comprehensive review of a specific gambling site: its interface, graphics, features, and whatnot. The second one is the software developer review. Reviews belonging to this type cover the different facets of software developers: from their branded software to the casinos they power and operate. Finally, the third type is the banking mode review. This actually refers not only to a certain mode but as well as the software that enables the said mode. Reviews belonging to this cover eWallets such as OK Pay, Visa, MasterCard, Bank Wires and other payment and withdrawal modes.

The How-to-Play thecasinochat Articles
Aside from the online casino reviews published on its site, thecasinochat also features some How-to articles. These write-ups basically serve as an introduction for gamblers to know more about the different games available on the gambling sites. Moreover, they include certain gaming strategies so that gamblers may know more about the different means to actually conquer a certain game or just play it modestly. These articles cover tips and tricks during the game-play as well as a little history of each game for practical learning purposes. Finally, these give players the boost they need in engaging themselves in a new online casino environment or a different gaming suite from another gaming developer.

The Different Gaming Software Platforms
thecasinochat is an expanding and dynamic online casino review site. It is solely built with the goal of presenting what is truthful about the different casinos let alone the different gaming software platforms. At present, the site officially supports 16 gaming software developers. These include: BetOnSoft, Boss Media, Cryptologic, Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Parlay Entertainment, Party Gaming, Playtech, Real Time Gaming, Rival, Top Game, Vegas Technology, WagerWorks, Wizard Gaming and 888 Holdings. Nevertheless, the website continues to strive to broaden its horizons and include as many platforms as possible. With its upfront desire of becoming the most comprehensive review site, a massive addition to its reviews can be expected in the near future.

thecasinochat As A Whole
In sum, thecasinochat is not just another run-of-the-mill online casino review site. It is actually more than what one could expect or hope for from a review site. Its objective antics and unbiased undertakings of creating truthful reports and articles about the different online casinos will serve as its backbone in delivering quality content that will inspire, motivate, and uplift the morale, confidence, and performance of each online gambler not only in this time but in the many years to come. Indeed, the website’s name is the perfect embodiment on how it will serve as the most informative, comprehensive, and objective site to feature online casino reviews.