BingoFlash Online Review

BingoFlash Online Review

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BingoFlash is an online gambling site that is primarily dedicated for the highest standard of bingo gaming experience. Considered as one of Parlay Entertainment’s finest offerings, BingoFlash is committed to providing everyone only the best unmatched gaming experience in the industry. It is designed to bring 100% satisfaction to all its users, both new and long-term. Its massive jackpots and prizes, convenient 24/7 customer support and care, as well as its efficient feedback system are some of its remarkable feats and services. Furthermore, VIP or not, one can surely enjoy a gaming experience that is fit for king in this technologically-advanced bingo room.

BingoFlash WebsiteBingoFlash’s webpage is a striking shade of golden brown against a subtle blue background. It has a very decent design with nothing short of simple accents and design except for the animated bouncing balls found at the center area of the page. On this area, one can see right away a large display of a golden brown signage of the site’s 500% Bonus on First Deposit. Just beneath this signage is the Join Now button in blue that is accented by flashing highlights. Finally, from the middle area to the bottom of the spread are 6 boxes showcasing some of the features and announcements of the bingo room, including Bingo Breeze, Lots at Slots, Free Games, The Champs, Chat Matters, and Customer Support.

BingoFlash Games
As opposed to other Parlay Entertainment sites, BingoFlash has its own preview games page where all of its game offerings are found. The site’s preview games page however is completely plain if not bland. On this page, one can see written descriptions of the different gaming categories of the site with no image or design to match each. The categories are in blue whilst the descriptions are in plain white color. The different categories of BingoFlash are: Blackjack, Online Slots, Video Poker, Table Poker, Caribbean Poker, Keno, Roulette, Craps, and Pull Table. The full lists of its games, on the other hand, can only be accessed and viewed after downloading its downloadable gaming software.

BingoFlash Promotions
Compared to the other pages found on this site, BingoFlash’s promotions page is entirely different. For one, instead of having plain texts to describe each promo available on the site, the promotions are displayed in tab form with images and accents to match. At the top area of this page is a large rectangular frame that displays a an interchanging image of a bountiful meal and another one that shows the free deposit bonuses every player is entitled of having. Just below this large frame are four boxes arranged in 2×2 fashion. The boxes indicate the different promos of BingoFlash: Bingo Bling, Bingo Babble, Casino Club, and Deposit Bargains. Upon clicking on any of these boxes, one is redirected to a separate page that explains how one can avail the selected bonus.

BingoFlash Deposit Options
BingoFlash’s banking page also has the same specs as its preview games page. The different deposit and withdrawal methods are shown in blue while the descriptions and texts accompanying each are in white. The different deposit methods accepted by the site are: Visa, Master Card, NETeller, and Wire Transfer. Below this list are the concise instructions on how one can fund their accounts using any of these modes. The same list of banking modes are used for its withdrawal transactions. The processing period as well as the maximum and minimum withdrawal amounts is simply displayed within this page.