123 Bingo Online

123 Bingo Online Review
123 Bingo Online is one of Parlay Entertainment’s virtual bingo rooms. Running on the company’s most advanced software platform, 123 Bingo Online houses an array of high-end and state-of-the-art feats and tweaks as well as generous promotions on the side. Formally launched in December 2004, this virtual bingo room is headquartered at San Jose, Costa Rica. It packs stunning quality features display and animation and vibrant if not crisp audio. Moreover, its gaming platform is known to deliver jam-packed bingo experience because of its trusted system. Nevertheless, the site does not exclusively offer bingo alone, for it also features some of the widely-crazed games such as keno, craps, blackjack, slots, video poker, craps, and many more. All these combine to bring the richest online gambling experience in a virtual casino not far away from one’s home.

The Casino Webpage
Albeit the website’s advanced gaming platform, it still has its minimalist side. This is obviously seen on its webpage that is a plain spread with little if not minimal accents. The entire page of the website is nothing short of simple with few noticeable tweaks on the side. There is a large rectangular frame at the center; this shows the welcome bonus and promotional exploits of the bingo room in a slideshow fashion. Just underneath this frame are some of the featured games of the site shown in tile form. The featured games include: Rainforest Riches, Triple Card Poker, Karat Crazy, Citrus 7s, Instant Keno, Trolling for Treasure, and Blackjack Up. Following in suit are announcement tabs that show the daily winners, featured bonuses, and testimonials. Finally, written descriptions about the site’s features and promos are found at the foot of this page.

The Casino Games
The preview games page of 123 Bingo Online is quite unique. Unlike other bingo rooms or casinos, this site doesn’t have a page dedicated to display its gaming suite. Nevertheless, this is properly compensated by the featured games displayed on its main webpage and its dedicated pages for slots as well as 123 Treasure Island. The slots page of the site contains all of the slots versions available on the site: Diamond Surprise, Double Scoop, Hollywood Reels, and Three Times the Riches. On the contrary, its 123 Treasure Island game contains nothing more than the bingo room’s ever-so-popular game: 123 Treasure Island including the game’s instructions and guide.

The Promotional Exploits
Although 123 Bingo Online doesn’t have a preview games page, it has a promotions page that displays all of its bonus exploits. A reasonably large frame can be seen on this page upon accessing it. The frame displays a slideshow of the sign-up bonus and other promotional exploits available on the casino. The different games of the site are listed below the frame with their corresponding bonuses and feats as well. Some of the feats found on this page are: Casino Vault, Bingo Bounty, Chat Plaza, Raffles, Deposit Specials, and Bingo Basket. To access any of these feats, one must first click its dedicated tab. Finally, instructions and guidelines on how one can deposit to his 123 Bingo Online’s account are found at the base of this page.

The Banking Modes
Similar to the site’s lack of having a preview games, page, 123 Bingo Online also does not feature a page for all of its banking modes. The only thing that shows a hint of the casino’s banking methods are the different icons of deposit and withdrawal methods found at the base of its main webpage. The baking modes affiliated with the virtual poker room include: Visa, Master Card, Diners Club International, JCB, TransferMoney, Prepaid Card, Neteller, and Moneybookers. Clicking the icon of any of these methods, one is redirected to a page that shows how one can use the chosen mode in depositing and withdrawing funds to his account.