Cryptologic Casinos

A Closer Look at Cryptologic Casinos
Referred to as the grandfather of casinos software-developing companies by online casino reviews, Cryptologic started to penetrate the blossoming industry of online casino development in 1996. It began as a software development firm that specialized in encryption technologies from where it got its name. As a beginner back then, the company surprised the world with its tremendous potential especially that it brought out more advanced software upon its first operation. From its first casino, InterCasino, to its official enlistment on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 1998, the company strengthened its unwavering desire to bring out the best in its products. At present, Cryptologic Casinos are at the forefront of popularity for their trusted, reputable, and, most especially, secure system compared to those of their competitors.

Cryptologic Software
It is undeniable that Cryptologic Casinos are running with compelling, high-end gaming software. Online casino reviews even point out that with this, the company has established a distinct brand for its own products. This is seen on how its software empowers certain feats that have become the trademark of the company and of its products. The multi-lingual feat actually originated from the company. While other casinos in the early times were struggling in catering to international clients, the casinos it developed were already providing the right multi-language option for easy communication and transaction. There is also the multi-currency feat that simply stemmed from the multi-language option. Other features provided in its software include: auto play, history tracking, and customization of games. Finally, Cryptologic Casinos are also well-known for its player avatar feature which allows players to choose virtual characters for the casinos.

Cryptologic Casinos
Upon its arrival in the industry, Cryptologic didn’t waste any time at all and boldly launched its first casino on the same year it began its operations. InterCasino, its first and longest-running casino has been recognized for countless of times for its up-to-date and competitive feats and design. It is also known as the most generous casino for offering $100 to its players for free on monthly basis. Other casinos under the tutelage of the company include: Littlewoods Casino, Casino Joy, and Euro City Casino. Finally, there is VIP Casino, its newest and by far the most promising casino because of its modern if not highly advanced graphics, display, and audio.

Type of Games
Cryptologic is considered as the second largest supplier of online casino games by online casino reviews because it adds at least 20 new games to its suite yearly. It has achieved a high rating in terms of innovating traditional games such as card and table games, slots, and video poker. Nonetheless, the company has been focusing on slots ever since it started out, making it the leader on branded slots in the entire industry. Throughout its existence, Cryptologic Casinos have collaborated with Marvel Comics to develop a much entertaining trend in the form of basing their games on famous super heroes and their lives. Spiderman, the Hulk, and many others have become famous and well-known for being the first Marvel Slots. They have also significantly increased the patrons of the company’s casinos over the years.

Cryptologic Review
The online gambling industry is a wide jungle for different software-developing companies. The market competition has always been intense; however, it is pretty undeniable how Cryptologic Casinos emerged as one of the leading companies today. For one, it has created its own brand long before other companies blossomed into what they are today. Secondly, the company has always been trying its best to make the most out of its endeavors. With this, Cryptologic received a lot of recognition for gaining a large number of player interest groups because of its advanced and state-of-the-art software.