888 Holdings Casinos

888 Holdings Casinos Review
In actuality, 888 Holdings refers to a massive online gaming brand that was released in 1996. It has a software that runs Poker sites and Sports Betting. It is a publicly known company that trades and operates thru the London Stock Exchange. 888 Holdings is regulated by the Gibraltar government and is considered by online casino reviews as one of the world’s most reliable and trusted casino companies. The casinos operating under it offer a wide range of game selection including several forms of poker, other regular casino games, and even third-party betting exchange. As one of the oldest developer companies, 888 Holdings has created dashing online casinos with a massive selection of games. And these are the ultimate reasons why the company has gone a long way and has even landed on the top rank of companies.

888 Holdings Software
The software 888 Holdings uses is packed with differing feats that make a commendable whole. The most remarkable feat is the live virtual dealers of the different games that give a realistic impression. Furthermore, this is enhanced through the presence of tournaments that make the experience even more competitively exciting. The casino games are available in both fun mode and in real mode. The gaming software is available for download and can be installed in a variety of languages including Chinese, Portuguese, and Russian. The reputation of the company is all the more heightened through the extraordinary graphics and sound effects of the games. Even with the prime focus given on these commendable perks, the gameplay isn’t compromised. The quality of the smoothness of the game is up to par to the excellent quality of its total package and form.

888 Holdings Games and Downloads
Most casinos powered by 888 Holdings have over 150 games pre-installed on their software. These games vary yet include a fair blend of modern and traditional casino games. There are modernized versions of Video Slots, Craps and Roulette; nevertheless, there are also the conventional forms for players who prefer the original versions of the games. The gaming experience is enhanced in some games such as Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack through the live option that lets players view a live dealer for the entire tournament or game. In terms of advancements, the company has developed mobile versions of 10 of its games which modern-day players can take advantage of using their mobile phones whenever, and wherever they may be.

888 Holdings Casinos
By the time the company was founded, it launched its first casino right away: Casino-on-Net. It focused on the said casino and enhanced its feats year after year for the entire 5 years. After which, the 888 Holdings decided to step up to the competition by launching its second proprietary casino: Reef Club Casino. From there, the company further developed other online casinos including: CEASARS Casino Online, Euro City Casino, Lucky Ace Casino, and Supro Casino. In 2003, after it gained its license from Gibraltar, the company re-launched its first casino: the highly famous Casino-on-Net. At the same time, it also moved its operation from Antigua to Gibraltar and stayed there up to this date.

888 Holdings Software’s Edge
888 Holdings incorporated other perks on its software. One of which is the single wallet system. This system enables players to deposit funds on their accounts and use such on the Poker software it runs. This means that one doesn’t need to transfer some of his cash anymore just so he can access the other games and software the company operates. Another is the multi-player feature of some of its games such as Blackjack. This way, players can virtually invite some of their friends to join the public table and take their chances on the game altogether. Finally, as mentioned earlier, the software has mobile versions of some of its games. This is perhaps the first sophisticated software to power such advanced option as stated by online casino reviews.