Why gambling should be legal

Gambling is said to make people addicted, this makes people loose money, most of them, of course not all, and some governments around the world try to stop this industry by creating problems for the average gambler to deposit money to online casinos or even stopping the different gambling places operating online to be able to visit to. In Norway this has just been done, still though, their approach is to enter as well themselves into the industry of casinos with the so called justified cause of “controlling the industry”. We all know of the “excitement” illegal stuff brings to people, especially young and the governments are making it more popular by such. If something is not seen so much it becomes more interesting to people. If one has much of one type of thing, it becomes a bit boring in the long run. That is why those who don’t allow gambling are actually promoting it, maybe even more than general casino advertising is doing.

Addiction to gambling is not something caused by the industry itself even though how much they would like to be able to, but is something found in some persons who already dispose a need for addiction, either drugs, money-games or sugar. This is something psychiatry has just found out recently. This means that it is not the games themselves that are causing addiction as first believed but the persons themselves have different addictions from before as a disorder. So if there was no gambling, persons would turn to drugs, that would be even worse, or sugar, having to suffer with diabetes and other diseases based by weight gain. So gambling even though not causing addiction as believed would be better off having, as the other problems are much worse than gambling. By each nation allowing gambling online, much more money would come to the governments and they could use this more beneficial. People around the world would be able to gamble with a better possible return as well. At the Norwegian gambling area some slot machines pay only up to $500, this is like stealing from the people.

USA just legalized sportsbooks and Sweden has allowed all types of gambling. With USA being of the followed nations hopefully this will expand to other parts of the world. The whole prohibition against gambling is because of its highly addiction risk, because of the ignorance of many nations, players have to suffer by not being able to gamble at their own free will.