Who is the Amaya Gaming Group?

Three Things To Know About The Amaya Gaming Group;

-The Amaya Gaming Group is a new name stepping onto the scene in a very big way. The company is Canada-based and specializes in gambling equipment and services.

-Amaya Gaming Group will soon acquire PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker which will make for the world’s largest online gambling company.

-The transaction will be a full $4.9 billion in a deal that will be funded using all cash funds.

Why is this information so important to online casino players? The online casino players will want to know about this transaction because it will bring players in specific countries to reputable poker and casino companies that will operate through their computer instead of having to go to a land based casino for their game play.

The deal with Amaya Gaming Group is said to pave the way for the companies, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker to come back to countries they were once a part of. The companies were chased out a few years ago when certain countries shut them down to the players here. This raid caused chaos in the gambling world as funds were tied up for players and casino operators alike. Once all of the funds were recovered, players of these brands indicated that they would again visit the websites however, the companies were hesitant due to the hostile nature of some governments.

Online casinos were very popular from 1999 to 2006 when some countries decided to create a law that did not allow players to make deposits using their debit cards or credit cards, this made things difficult as players didn’t want to use other methods such as money transfers especially when sending large amounts of cash. Once that law was lifted in 2011, the industry saw a big boost in new players.

This acquisition is one that could really make history. Bringing regulated online poker will create more revenue not only for the casino operators but for the states themselves. Most of the time, the lottery we all play goes toward funding programs like public schools, these programs are critical for community growth so to add to it, would make a more stable economy. In Nevada, the revenue that is coming in is already helping the state tremendously. In conjunction Delaware and Nevada have created a gambling website that will allow players from either state to participate in the gaming fun at the casino’s combined.