Valentine’s Day-Inspired Game

All Slots Casino’s New Valentine’s Day-Inspired Game

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate this world-renowned occasion than enjoying the rest of the day playing All Slots Casino’s latest offering: Starlight Kiss. Starlight Kiss is the brand new slot game which is made and designed to be part of the famous Viper Download and Flash Instant-Play platforms of the famous casino. It is specially-designed to cover and display the romanticism that Valentine’s Day is full of. Truth be told, the game is packed with numerous romantic images as well as bonus feats that will surely leave everyone hanging onto their seats whilst craving for more. In addition to this, All Slots Casino is said to give out a few extra bonus loyalty points until the 8th of February.

Starlight Kiss features an outstanding 30-payline system. In relation to this, the games also offer a variety of bonuses. It can be noted that each lucky player will get the chance to use 14 free spins twice for every free spin feature they have accessed or unlocked. The number 14 on the aforementioned free spins feature is basically inspired by the date of Valentine’s Day. However, apart from this, the player may also win a 10x multiplier aside from the 2x multiplier the 14 free spins feature has. He must first file or register for the Romance Meter in order for him to boost his winnings at the casino tenfold.

Inside sources say that the game is more than just one’s average kind of gambling feat. It is packed with all the goodies every hopeless romantic could crave for and every bit of sweetness people in relationships could ask for. The Starlight Kiss, compared to other Valentine’s Day-inspired games packs even more meat to its label not only because it is made by All Slots Casino but because it actually is made of the finest quality gaming software and cutting edge technology that make every gaming moment a note-worthy and remarkably romantic one.

David Brickman, Vice President of Player Affairs for All Slot Casino shared his insights on the latest offering of the famous gambling site by saying, “Romance is in the air this month, and All Slots Casino is all set to celebrate the holiday of love with a truly stunning new game… The vibrant graphics on Starlight Kiss create a beautiful, romantic atmosphere. As well, the rewarding and entertaining features of this game are sure to make it a popular choice year-round.” Having said all these, indeed Starlight Kiss is a must-try for all those people who want to try out something new this Valentine’s Day. It’s a date then.