USA Mobile Online Casinos

US Mobile Casinos

When selecting an online casino, many players now are searching for mobile capabilities as well. Many might wonder what exactly a mobile casino is when most online casinos can be used from any location. A mobile casino, is basically a casino that is optimized for smaller screens with less functionality such as an Apple or Android tablet or smartphone devices. Why this capability is important to players will vary, some like the fact that they can use their favorite games while sitting in a long line, others will only own a smartphone or tablet so it makes sense that way. Players love mobile casinos because they are the simplest form of gambling, it’s also the newest form of gambling and some really just like to try new things.

Mobile casinos differ from land based casinos in several ways, players will still have really great promotions but with online casinos or mobile casinos, the amount of free stuff is usually only in the form of cash and it’s most often more lucrative than the land based casinos. Another big difference is that players won’t have to brave the smoke or crowds if they don’t want to, they can simply sign up for the online casino of their choice and play wherever they want, when they want to. Mobile casinos generally carry the same age requirements as the online casinos which are usually 18, some casinos do require players to be at least 21 or over however these are few and far between.

When it comes to playing with mobile casinos, you do see a big difference between the online casinos as well. Players won’t have hundreds of games available to them on their phone, but they will have around 10-15 depending on which casino a player decides to sign up with. The games for the most part will be slots with very few table games to choose from. The mobile casinos also don’t have a downloadable version of the software so it doesn’t quite operate like an app, but players on an Apple device will be asked to place the icon right on their home screen which will from there, operate in a full screen mode.

One of the conveniences about doing business with an online casino that has a mobile platform is that players will have the opportunity to make deposits from their computer which will then be used on the mobile device or again on the computer. Sometimes seeing things on a bigger screen is a little bit simpler so the fact that the money is transferred with the account, is a good thing. Players will have one username and password to log into their account no matter what type of device they choose to utilize.

Promotions on mobile devices may not be as abundant as the promotions that are found on the actual casino’s website. This is another reason many players opt for the computer based platform for their deposits, they will simply take a code and then make a deposit into their online casino account which will then credit them the promotion.