Ultimate Poker Comes to Vegas

Ultimate Poker Comes to Vegas

April 30th 2013, is a legendary day within the online gaming industry. Ultimate Poker is the first legal online poker site operated from several countries. The gaming industry as a whole has undergone massive amounts of scrutiny since the beginning of its time. Known to many as the very first form of entertainment, gambling has been around for hundreds of years. In most recent years the online gaming industry has been under attack due to some feeling as though gaming should not be so easy to access when it comes to just turning on your computer.

In order to open an online casino or poker site, companies or investors had a full marathon to run in a never-ending race. Licensing and testing processes had to be completed before a green light was given to anyone in order to open from specific countries. Many already know this but there are tons of options out there for gaming choices however; today marks the beginning of gaming for players around the world. Fertitta Interactive will go down in the history books as the very first to open a poker site.

There have been many obstacles to overcome within the marathon. At first, some believed Nevada’s population of just 3 million would be too small to support online poker which poses as a big risk to those who apply for licensing. In this case Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta own 45% of Station Casinos and they manage the Ultimate Fighting Championship, so they are no stranger to the gamble and risk they are putting into this investment. The great thing about this is that both of their target markets are 21 to 25 year old males, with the overlapping of these two hobbies they are able to market effectively.

Currently, in order to sign up and wager at the online poker room, players must be a Nevada resident. This opportunity may be opened up for players of other states in the future but for now, players will need to meet these requirements. The law to allow online poker was passed in February in Nevada and New Jersey so it does come as a surprise that the first online poker site is already up and running just a few short months later. The state of Nevada decided to allow online gambling and online poker because the numbers just don’t lie. The state realized that the revenue created by just one law could push them into the billions of additional cash each year which helps out the state tremendously.

There are several Station Casinos throughout the state of Nevada, players have many different amenities there, most offer resort accommodations, the boarding pass player’s club, bars, restaurants and other forms of entertainment as well. Players must be 21 or over to gamble at any Station Casino as well as online from Nevada.