Top 5 – Weirdest Places People Play Mobile Casino Games

Where is the weirdest place you have hit a jackpot? Some might think this is a strange question however, the answer isn’t always so cut and dry. With the online casino world booming and more and more technology coming out just about each week, soon it won’t be too uncommon to find that some players like a woman who goes by the initials IR won a huge jackpot while in the bathroom on her smartphone while playing the game Mega Moolah at Slots.LV. This has sent other players into a frenzy, flocking to Slots.LV for their crack at some winnings! Here are some off the cuff places to play online with your mobile device!

  • Waiting in Line
    Players who are standing in line, whether it’s the grocery store stuck behind a person with 12 kids or the department of motor vehicles waiting for your turn, this is a great tip for players who want to get in on some gaming action while passing the time to make for a great use of their down time.

  • Traveling
    We’ve all been stuck in the back of a cab or on the bus, maybe even in the passenger seat of a car while in traffic just wondering when we will be out of this mess. If you’re ready to jump out of the vehicle you’re in, instead pick up your phone and find a game to your liking. This is a great way to pass the time and possibly get lucky!

  • Life’s a Beach
    Some prefer to go swimming, while others tend to take to relaxing in the sunshine, or the shade better. What’s more relaxing than spinning some reels with a cold brew in your hands? You can’t really get much better than this idea, you can also work on your tan too!

  • During Your Lunch Hour
    It’s lunch hour and you don’t feel like beating the afternoon rush outside of the office, so you’re in the break room wondering what you could possibly do to make the time go by faster. Your smartphone or tablet can provide just the right amount of time, and entertainment for moments like these.

  • In the Bathroom
    While it might seem unconventional to use your phone in the bathroom, you know we have all done it. Fortunately for our friend IR, she was in the right place, at the right time. Her bathroom spin landed her 1.8 Million Pounds! Her plans for the money include; a new car, a luxury vacation with her daughter, pay off some debt for loved ones and donate some of the money to charity!

Players who visit Slots.LV online casino will have a $25 casino chip available to them for free, just for wagering $500 from their mobile device. This promotion is specific to mobile devices and is not available to players who are using their computer for game play. Cheers to livening up downtime!