Three Types of Winning Rituals

When we go to the casino we know there are some luck and skills involved, and that we need to be focused and concentrated in order to win. To this simple formula, we can add the rituals, something that goes beyond all that, but that many believe it’s necessary to be done for good fortune.

Rituals are not something new, they have been happening since Stone Age, and the whole goal of performing them is to try to get a favorable result coming to our side. Tribal dances and animal sacrifices are something from the past, but these rituals were replaced by others that are executed by many people, regardless of their social position of a level of intelligence.

We might call it superstition, but what do have to lose really It does not really matter if we are playing slots or a table game, rituals do happen sometimes in public, sometimes privately, and it’s more common than what one might think. Which rituals Let us take a look.

Pre-match Rituals

For some players, luck starts to be built even before they get to the casino. It can be in the format of a special clothing they always wear, or it can be jewelry, but whatever it is, if they wear it luck is with them.

We mentioned clothing and jewelry, but people are that always eat the same meal before heading to the casino, maybe because this brings them memories of something they have eaten before having a good win.

These pre-match rituals can get as diverse as we can imagine, ranging from food to horoscope, and include lucky charms.

Lucky Charms and in-play rituals

Some players are proud to show their lucky charms, while others prefer to keep them secret. Among popular lucky charms, we find Trolls and Wishniks, particularly popular in Bingo houses, while Teddy Bears are more seen at the casinos with the slots crowd.

People are that even talk about human size lucky charms, as it was seen in Vegas by the slots with a large Teddy Bear.

Talking with a lucky charm and using it to spin the wheel is not as common as tossing money to a fountain, this has to be the most common of rituals for good luck. We know who ends up being luck with this ritual though, the casinos, which make thousands of dollars with these lucky water donations.

Others are that pray, and it is common to find Crosses in the hands of players while they spin the button or play a card. Praying aloud is not as common, but it happens too!

Win or not to win

In reality, there is no way to make us win more often or influence the result of a machine, but these rituals are pretty much like the religion in gambling, the faith players have that they will win more often if they do it.

Some players talk to the machines, others kiss the machines, and who knows if this human treatment will make the computer algorithm inside be more favorable to them Regardless of if they win more or less, the time spent gambling is certainly more enjoyable and the experience is more complete.