The Mad Scientist (Slot Game) is Back!

Mad Scientist is Back!

Did you love the fun slot game Mad Scientist? Are you new to online gaming? Here’s an option for you! Mad Scientist speaks to all of us. We all would love to create something so out of this world that it will literally shock everyone. Well this game helps us live vicariously through a little man that is quite the crazy himself. Picture yourself getting ready to do some homework, or study, you sit down and you hear that loony scientist slaving over his own labor of love well after hours. While the man is known for being quite a loon, you’re intrigued.

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You silently stroll over to catch a glimpse of what he might be doing. In the process you witness him talking to himself, speaking his ideas aloud, getting frustrated over what he’s trying to accomplish. During the game, you will meet Dr. Walter Prescott, the scientist for the 3D slot game Mad Scientist.

Since the game was quite a hit, developers at decided it was time to make a squeal to the game thus, Madder Scientist was born. Both games are still widely available at online casinos like which features more than just slots, there are 3D slots and other games too. For this game, you will be drawn in by the scientist’s eerie overall demeanor, you’re hesitant but want to learn.

In the game Madder Scientist, you will utilize your own strategies to come up with a win. Your goal in the game, you help the scientist turn everyday ordinary objects into gold. You as the new lab assistant will help work the scientist’s magic first hand. The job pays very lucratively with coins and gold. While this all sounds like fun and games, the game can be quite dangerous with explosions too!

There are several different ways to win with the Mad Scientist as players will have the ability to win free spins and side games. Take advantage of an online casino bonus to make the game even more exciting. is a fun casino that offers a look and feel like no other. The professional styling and responsive customer support make this casino a favorite to many from the second they sign onto the website.