The Freedom of Online Poker – Days are numbered

Personally I feel as though the way the government tends to push casinos out of business is an injustice to our entire system. Gambling is known to be one of the oldest forms of entertainment and for some reason, it is treated poorly and criminalized, but that’s just my opinion.

The sad part about the way some handle the online gambling industry is that sometimes they use excessive force, sometimes they leave it alone. Leaving all of us in the dark as far as what to expect. Now that Carbon Poker has left certain online casino markets, you might wonder “who is left?” You still have options, really great ones actually. Options by companies that plan to stay available for players for the long haul.

In 2001, a company came into the online poker market, with rapidly growing sign up roster and a successful set of websites, players can find a poker option that suits there needs and that can be trusted with each and every deposit. Players will also like the fact that there are ample promotions for all players whether they’re new, or signed up years ago. The promotions don’t just range from welcome bonus to deposit match bonus, players will also see some really hard to get promotions such as WSOP package giveaways too.

The first online poker choice is BetOnline, their slogan? Because you can. This struck me right away and stood out because you really can, and that’s just the misconception that we all seem to face at one point or another when it comes to online gaming. The website is continuously updated with the most up to date promotions right in the center of the screen. You will notice that the bonuses here aren’t as big or as flashy as those found in online casinos, you will receive something to the effect of a 25% bonus for up to $1,000 during the NBA playoffs for example. So why the low bonus amount? You’re used to seeing triple digits before a percentage you say? True. But BetOnline doesn’t require scary play through requirements, and that is the difference. Players can choose from a casino, poker and live dealer games. For those who want to take their gaming on the go, they can with a mobile device!

Not what you’re looking for? Try out America’s Cardroom. Another poker brand that boasts the title of being “The most trusted US poker room since 2001.” That’s a pretty big title and it rings true as we have seen poker rooms open and close left and right for the online market. Players will have tournaments as well as games daily. On the promotions page, you have handfulls of promotions that are available to all players whether they’re new, or have been signed up in the past. In addition to promotions that are available every day of the week, there are even more special promotions that are available specifically on Sunday.