Strategizing to Win Over Craps

What gives craps distinction among other casino games is that it tends to be very intimidating in the eyes of players, especially the beginners in this kind of table game. First of all, the table has a somehow complex design with all of the hundred different kinds of bets available for players to choose from. Then, there is also the scenario where long-term players bark peculiar-sounding commands that appear very foreign for many players. Finally, the pacing of the game seems to be very quick such that beginners do not get the chance to actually ask or even react to the overwhelming situation. Well, if you have experienced any of these, then you better know that you are not alone.

Of course, apart from the complex betting patterns and schemes, the game is still grounded on a simple and fundamental betting pattern: the pass line bet. The pass is the most basic thing about craps. If there is one thing that you should know by heart when it comes to this game, this should be it. Once you have placed your pass bet on the pass line, all you need to do is to wait for the come out roll. If it’s either a 7 or an 11, you will be receiving an even money payout for your wager. If it’s a 2, 3, or 12, you automatically lose your bet. If any other figure comes out of the come out roll, the figure will be referred to as the point; thus, the dealer will mark the point number on the table for players to easily recall it.

The dealer will continue to roll the dice next. He will continue to do so until such time that he will land on either a 7 or the point number. The clue for you to take note in the succeeding rolls then, is the point. If the point number comes out before a 7 does, you and the rest of the players will automatically win even money. On the other hand, when a 7 comes out prior to reaching the point, the players are said to automatically lose the round.

Whilst you are waiting for either a 7 or the point to come out, you may place a different kind of bet to increase your chances of winning big on a particular round. The odds bet is simply a bet made by the player after a point has been identified. This bet pays 2 to 1 on points of 4 and 10, 3 or 2 with either a 5 or a 9, and a 6 or a 5 with another 6 or an 8. To make this type of bet all you need to do is to place an additional bet behind the pass line or outside the said area.

There is also the possibility of not doing a pass. The don’t pass bet is the complete opposite of the pass line bet Once you made this bet, the things you need to take not include: a come out roll of a 2 or a 3 means you win, on the other hand, a 7 or an 11 is you lose. A 12 is considered a push. Otherwise, the dice are rolled over and over again until the point number or a 7 comes out. If the former does, you lose; if the latter does, you win. All winnings based on this strategy will pay you even money. Since this is an opposite to the typical winning strategy, you, as a bettor, will be referred to as a wrong bettor. This is because you are able to win only if everyone else who plays conventionally loses, and vice versa.