Spreadex Betting launches Bitcoin currency

Spreadex formally launches Bitcoin currency

Spreadex, a UK-based gambling and betting company, has formally launched its Bitcoin online currency for its investors as well as for its customers. Thus, it is regarded as the first every company to offer this kind of technology to its patrons. The company is relatively new to the business, having only been built in 1999, yet it has proven that quality-wise, it is innovative enough to become a pioneer and a leading betting company in the industry today. It can be said that the advancements of the company has been successive. Within the recent years, the company has also achieved the sports betting leg running on IG Index as well as that of the Cantor Index, making it one of the high-quality betting casino company as of the moment. Alongside this, the company also features a stellar suite of gambling games, sports wagering and mobile gambling and betting facilities. Through the launching of Bitcoin currency, the financial spread betting facility has become quite accessible to many players and users all the same. Such currency is deemed useful even in the MtGox Exchange.

But what is Bitcoin currency and how does this account as an innovative gesture for Spreadex? Technically speaking, Bitcoin currency is a virtual or digital currency that acts as a replacement if not a counterpart for government currencies. Hence, using it will make transactions faster and easier. In so doing, clients, no matter what currency they use, will be accepted to the system since it will automatically convert every penny into a virtual currency that can be used to every facility, feature, and offering of Spreadex. Therefore, it also minimizes biases and prejudices in terms of foreign exchange values of the different currencies from its wide range of clientele.

A representative for Spreadex, Andy Mackenzie, shares that he is very excited for this new advancement in the company. He further says, “We have already seen demand from our client base to be able to gain leveraged access to trade Bitcoin price movements, which is why we have launched this new market. No one is truly sure how important this form of currency could become.” Analysts opine that such brave and prompt gesture to answer the demand of the clients will surely pave the way to quite lucrative possibilities.

“The currency’s appeal is that there are a fixed number of ‘coins’, around 21 million in total, that they are entirely unique, that there exists no central bank to control supply and that governments cannot apply tax. In essence, the currency is viewed as digital gold and as a potential inflation/devaluation hedge,” Andy says when asked to share his insights about the virtual currency system.

The entire company is more than elated for the realization of this new endeavor. For now, only time will tell whether or not this Bitcoin currency will become a remarkable asset to Spreadex, although of course the initial response from the media and from the people behind the company seem to show promise.