Sports Betting on the verge off becoming legal in the USA.

New Jersey has won its´ right to a day in court, in this case, the Supreme Court. Almost since the day it was enacted in 1992, New Jersey has appealed the law that made sports gambling illegal in most of the country, the exceptions being four states including Nevada, Montana, Delaware and Oregon, states that had sports gambling regulations in place prior to 1992. This, of course, left pro-gambling states such as New Jersey at a distinct disadvantage compared to rival Nevada. Boxing, in particular, fled New Jersey and instead the casinos in Nevada drew all the attention as they allowed visitors to not only see the fight but bet on the fight at the same time.

While New Jersey will be the state heard at the Supreme Court, other states are quickly falling in line to show their support. Many states, including New Jersey, Connecticut, and Mississippi have already passed state laws that begin the framework of how they will regulate sports betting within their state. This will not only give them the opportunity to hit the ground running in the event of a positive ruling in favor of New Jersey, but could also help them take advantage of any grandfathering language that comes from the new ruling. In 1992, some states like New Jersey were completely caught unaware by the new law and the fact that some states were grandfathered in. In hindsight, if New Jersey had passed regulations before the 1992 law, they would probably now be arguing on the other side of the case as a way to prevent new competition.

In January, the Supreme Court withheld making a decision to hear the case until Trump had made his opinion known to his Solicitor General. Since that time, Trump and his Solicitor General have made it known to the courts that they are opposed to the Supreme Court hearing the case, as well as overturning the 1992 law. It is a surprising move since Trump had casinos in Atlantic City and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was an early supporter. However, it seems that the deep pockets of some of Las Vegas´ casino owners and their solid Republican donations have made the difference. In any event, the Supreme Court has decided against the Trump Administration and will hear the case sometime after September.

It is unclear which way the Supreme Court will ultimately go with their decision, but most legal experts seem to believe they will favor New Jersey in the case for a couple of reasons. This is true mainly because the court is decidedly state´s rights. The second reason it is likely the 1992 law will be ruled unconstitutional is because we have twenty-five years of evidence to show the impact the law had that favored Nevada over New Jersey. Many people actually attribute a big part of the collapse of Atlantic City in the early 1990s to the fact that many sporting events went to Nevada.