Sky Vegas offers summer giveaway

Sky Vegas to offer expensive summer giveaway

Apart from its new Evil Knievel-inspired slot game launching, Sky Vegas is also busy preparing its goodies for its loyal customers and incoming members and clients. According to a press release, the company is going all-out for its new batch of incentives and promotions for the next four months or so. And one of this promotional exploits, and so far its most promising one, is the 1 million pound Mega Jackpot Prize cash for the Power Prize Draw this year. As of now, over 1,916 players have already enlisted for the draw and all of them could take home as much as 100 pounds to 100,000 pounds, depending on what category they get picked for.

What makes this endeavor more exciting however is the fact that SKY Vegas will also be giving away a thousand pounds to each of the 250 customers who partake in the Mega Jackpot Power Prize draw for the month of May alone. The qualifying week for the draw has already ended (officially began last May 1 and ended on the 5th). Players who wagered a single pound for the promo can automatically join the prize draw. Furthermore, for every additional 10 pounds for every game they play within this month, they will also get another entry for the draw as well as for the main draw.

Analysts of the company as well as third-party analysts project that for the succeeding months, specifically June and July, the company will raise the prize money to 500,000 pounds enough to cater the needs and demands of at least 1,500 players. And then again, entries for the next draws are still at 1 pound each. In June alone, 500 prizes amounting to 500 pounds each will be given away by the company for the said jackpot draw. On the other hand, 200 July players will get the chance to delight over the possibility of bringing home a maximum of 2,450 pounds with additional 100 to 1000 pounds incentives.

The projections continuous up to the month of August, where players perceive this month to be the last but not the least drawing month of Sky Vegas. In this month another batch of about 165 players will be competing for the maximum jackpot prize money of 250,000 pounds. Not included to the major prize is the 100,000 lucky incentive bonus for the August players alone.

Becoming a part of this very generous draws is pretty simple says a representative from the company. A minimum stake of 1 pound can already become one’s ticket to a pot of gold if not a literal pot of cold, hard cash. Nevertheless, one may secure his triumph by gaining more entries through playing more games within the said months. Since the gambling market competition has indeed become tight and bloated, Sky Vegas remains resilient and once again ingenious in finding new means of making both ends meet. This new offering for the summer season will surely be an annual event to look forward to. For now, everyone can simply, sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the jackpot prize draws.