Six Year Anniversary and Redesign of TCC

After six long and exciting years of The Casino Chat, we have finally decided to update our website from start to finish. Like any other website, we grew tired of looking at the same layout day in, and day out. We’ve added a great set of features to make your experience a whole lot easier. You can now look for reviews based off of what online casinos have to offer as well as land based casinos. We also have a news section of the website which will keep you up to date on all of the happenings in the casino world.

Starting with the layout, we designed the look and feel around just how easy playing an an online casino can really be. The first thing you do before you sign up for an online casino account is of course, search out online reviews of that particular casino. We wanted to have those reviews front and center for one-click access to the category of reviews our players most likely are seeking.

Players can now access our website with ease, from their mobile devices ranging from smart phones to tablets and everything in between. With the presence of mobile players looking for entertainment, it was a no-brainier to help those players reach a casino that speaks to their particular needs as a new player.

With the change of the times, we’ve updated information that was previously on the website for example, some casinos that were originally posted have since faded away along with the economy. Other things we updated include the look and feel as well as the brands talked about within our reviews. We have broadened our horizons when it comes to online gaming to allow more players to check out more and more of the great brands that are out there whether they’re big or small.

In addition to some really great reviews, is a great place for players who want to strike up a new game. Players can find neat information on how to play some of the most exciting games on the internet. This also goes hand-in-hand with playing at a land based casino as many players throughout the world will turn to online casinos before they head out to a land based casinos with their newly acquired skills.

We hope that the players will love the color scheme as well as the look and feel with the way we’ve updated our website. There’s lots more content coming so check back often!