Rubik’s Riches Arcade Slot

Rubik’s Riches Arcade Slot: Another High-Quality Offering from Playtech

It is a known fact that Playtech houses some of the best gaming collections of arcade and gambling games in the entire industry. Today, more than ever, Playtech is more than happy to announce its latest casino that is based on the ever-so-popular Rubik’s Cube. The said puzzle was invented and created in 1974, ever since then, generation to generation passed on the beauty of solving this mind-boggling contraption. It is said that about 350 million licensed Rubik’s cubes were sold worldwide. In addition, there is even an international body that uplifts the beauty of the said contraption and sport: World Cube Association. Because of the overt popularity of the puzzle, the latest arcade game was inspired from it and was even named Rubik’s Riches, to show proximity to the famous game.

In playing the Rubik’s Riches, a player is requested to set his own stake, which may vary from 0.20 to 400 credits. Upon activation of the game, three Rubik’s cube faces are displayed at a random manner: non-patterned arrangement of colored cells. This Playtech arcade game has three ways of giving away payouts. The first one is referred to as line payouts. This type of payout is only made possible once there is a straight vertical or horizontal display of the same colored cells in a single line. If all of the cells in a single face are of the same color, then there are three vertical and horizontal lines; thus, players get to win a maximum of 19 lines out of a single face. The second method is called the ace payouts. If all of the 9 squares of a single face are of the same color, the player gets to avail 1 credit wagered. On the other hand, if he has gotten two faces right, he gets to avail 20 credits and for three faces, the player gets to keep 1,000 credits.

The last or final type of payout mechanism available at the Rubik’s Riches is not related to the Rubik’s cube. In every game, there is an equal chance for 0 to 6 letters of the word Rubik’s in the logo of the site to light up. If six letters will light up in a specific round, a bonus game is opened. The player is then asked to choose one out of the 27 squares on the cube. The chosen square will then reveal a prize, which can either account for free spins or additional cubes. The player is entitled of choosing as many squares as he can as long as he doesn’t land on a square that says START. Any unopened cubes will be used as free spins by the player. The free spins the player has incurred will begin once the START cell has been opened.