Pros and Cons of Regulated Online Gambling

The Pros and Cons of Regulated Online Gambling

Some countries stand divided on many different issues, some big and some small. Online gaming is one issue which states have the ability to decide whether they would like to be for or against. The birth of the internet gaming industry was in 1992 when casinos began popping up throughout the internet. The industry from there, suffered major scrutiny and overcame many different hurdles mainly due to opposition from those who feel that gambling has immoral cons. In recent times, three have enacted laws which will bring online gaming operators to their states. New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware are all states which welcome players to now gamble online. These states recently passed laws starting with Delaware; the small state calculated the amount of revenue in which the state could receive in addition each year without having to pay anything out. Nevada reached a number of $4 million per year which could dramatically help the state’s struggling economy.

The Upside to Regulated Gaming Online
There are many differences between playing at online casinos and a physical land based casinos. In some states, players are unable to visit a casino as easily as others. For example, Alaska is a very large state which only offers a few casino options, mainly poker rooms. Internet gambling in that state would help players who seek out entertainment. Others feel as though online gaming takes away from the states income-wise. Many are not aware that the lottery actually funds the school systems and other public entities in several different states and has become a fixture in all but just a few states. The major reason for the legalization would be the increase in revenue for the states; many of the states are facing a deficit and could overturn that completely if online gaming was regulated. Land based casinos and internet casinos offer very many things when it comes to promotions, land based casinos typically offer much smaller amounts in free play cash available to the players due to the overhead costs of operations. Internet gaming casinos have very little overhead costs which allow for better prizes and more free cash.

The Downside to Regulated Gaming Online
In most cases, those who operate the electronic casinos will already be casino giants such as Caesar’s Entertainment. This is another way for the larger casinos to have an advantage over the smaller casinos because it will offer more advertising opportunities. With the new light on the subject some states are also blocking online gaming entirely which will leave some players who enjoy playing from home in the dark. As it stands, Utah and Washington are the only two states which do not allow internet gaming however; some states such as New Mexico are looking to stop bills from being passed in their state.

Although, the casino industry has hurdles ahead of them, it seems as if history is repeating itself. Gambling in the past was outlawed entirely from 1890 to the early 1920’s as with online gambling. Players now are starting to see more and more talks of it which brings the industry to another victory.